X Factor Bootcamp 2011 Vs Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp Near Hull

Hey, I just finished watching the end of recorded back-to back episodes of X-Factor.  It was ‘Bootcamp’ and it said it was gonna be BRUTAL?????


These contestants obviously didnt join us for our magical mystery tour around Hessle Rugby club field the other night.

When I think of a brutal bootcamp, It takes me to a saturday morning at 8am when it’s cold and wet and the sled needs moving from one end of the field to the other:

(CLICK BELOW TO VIEW this 2 min clip)


I thought I’d compare the X factor Bootcamp….with our Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp.

1. You feel Welcome

At Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp, you are greeted by an enthusiastic coach and several Bootcamp members – who are also ready for the workout and supportive of each others goals.  This is opposed to being told you can succeed with what you want to do – and then get told to go home really quickly!

2.  Social Interaction

You may be put into groups, and do some things you’re not used to…..but it will help you in the long-term.    These exercises will help build some tight, hard muscle…..and this will burn fat so you can be leaner.

3. No Judgement

You won’t be judged in front of millions of people, and westlife (or other piano intro song) wont be playing in the background every. single. 5. minutes.

I’m really beginning to think that I could write the X factor script………choose the backing music, and pick the list of contestants (again, several people didn’t go through, because the show needs some controversy). 


 At Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp, yes we do have a script….. but it usually consists of lunges, deadlifts, pressing and pulling, dragging and carrying. 

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