A Blast From The Past

Over the past few Bootcamps, we have been getting to know each other quite well.

                                                 “Adies Ladies!”    Adrian, Carolyn, and Andrea celebrate another bootcamp completed 🙂

We’re all learning a bit more about each other, which exercise some love…..


Which exercises most people hate……


and that a good rest is needed WITHIN A TRAINING SESSION ……………..

or else it just becomes like mind–numblingly dull aerobics.  

“If you don’t need to rest………… it can’t be that hard”

“Step left, 1,2,3,4 and right ,1,2,3,4″………..you get the idea. (On a side note, theres a remarkable difference in the shapes and sizes of aerobics instructors. Some are stick-thin….and some clearly dont practice what they preach…….as well as the fact they probably dont push themselves in their own training)

                                                                                                                Do you respect the person in front of you?

One thing we all laugh about though, is one blog post I wrote about several months ago (CLICK THE PIC  BELOW to read the blog post, and also DONT FORGET TO RE-WATCH THE PROMO VIDEO!)


“Phew thats it!”

Have a good week,







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