7 Things to Keep You on Track

Thought I would drop a quick bomb blast of info on you.

If you REALLY want to stay on track with your strength and fitness goals, you had BETTER take heed.  Why?

A) Because these will help you LOOK better in the long-term

B) Because these will help you FEEL BETTER in the long-term.

C) Because these will help you PERFORM BETTER in the long-term.

Train like an athlete = look like an athlete.   Athletic movements help you look, feel, and perform better

7 Tips to Help you Stay on Track

1. Train for your goal

I train all my clients like I train my athletes. I am the Hessle Rugby Club Strength and Conditioning Coach, and I have helped a Female Rugby player Play for England (Click HERE to read her story).

Many of my clients want to look and feel better, and we all train like athletes……because we aim to look and perform  like athletes:

2. Be Consistent

True athletes are CONSISTENT. They show up to training, they work hard while they are there…..and they eat what they are supposed to 80-90% of the time when they are not there.

Bootcamper Vicky (before and after pics + her story HERE) perfects consistency.  She has shown up to EVERY BOOTCAMP from end of January to the end of August!

That is consistency (And the results show).

When I say consistency is important – it could be the VERY ONE THING THAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK. When was the last time you missed a training session?

Showing up could be the difference between Zero and Hero!

3. Focus on What YOU Actually Want

What do you want to do with your body? Are you happy right now?   Sometimes we get carried away, thinking we need to lose another stone or 2…..when actually if we dropped 1 jean size and managed to keep it off without sacrificing a lot of eating out and alcohol and socialising – we would be happy!!

If you want to lose fat, you should be paying a lot of attention to your foods as well as your training……….more focus on the important TO YOU!

4. Get The Right Environment

Getting the right environment is KEY.

Whats that? You dont want to train?   Well neither did these guys a few days before christmas in the snow: (CLICK TO WATCH)

(Also last year in worse conditions, we had an equally good show of men and women in snow that was 6-7 inches deep)  It was that hardcore I didnt bring my camera or it would be frozen!!

If you train at home……….then in my opinion you need to get some LOUD music on.  I recommend some heavy rock, pumping early 90’s dance or just something that makes you feel good!

What music inspires you to go to war with the iron is up to you.

If your gym doesnt inspire you to train, then maybe you need to either find somewhere else, or think about getting a regular training partner. I’d love to have a regular training partner but my hours are pretty manic.  The gym fires me up with the rugged equipment and LOUD MUSIC!

Did you see the vid of the gym getting made?  CLICK TO VIEW IN YOUTUBE…..

5. Set Goals and Have Realistic Expectations

If you dont set a goal, you wont get very far. This goal should be specific, realistic and provide the reason why.  Enough said.

6. Constantly Improve

With your training, your body will adapt.  THIS IS THE MAIN REASON PEOPLE PLATEAU……..so you need to make it harder.  You must know by now (if you ve been reading my blog posts and THESE ARTICLES)  that you should be aiming to do either:

Heavier weight

More reps with the same weight

More overall volume

Less rest in between

If you are where you want to be with your training – there will be other parts of life you will want to improve in.  Options?  More time with family, more reading, more time with friends – only you know.

7. Write it down

This seems trivial, (and boring) but when you write something down, you make it real. This will help you move from training session to training session and from month to month……and from losing no weight, to losing some!  Simple, and effective.

Bootcamps are still buzzing even though Winter is creeping up – there seems to be many Bootcamps popping up all over the place right now.  If you want to compare, then come on down for your FREE TRIAL…..ou have nothing to lose.  Many others will just do a glorified version of aerobics, with no emphasis on strength, power or skill.  They will just tire you out!

Take home message?

If you want to look like an athlete……..Train like one!

‘Til Next time,


PS This story might be of interest to some of you with children (If you havent got kids – send it to your friends thats do http://uk.lifestyle.yahoo.com/obese-children-to-be-put-up-for-adoption.html .






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