“You must be doing something right” (3 Simple Tips)


Hope you enjoyed this weekend – top weather for Saturday morning bootcamp, and both days too.  I loved the football – Liverpool beat Arsenal and Everton lost to QPR (I remember this time last year Liverpool being in the worst of it).  Aswell, those who say both Liverpools goals were offside often forget a crucial offside point.

“When in doubt, advantage goes to the attacking player”  – Quote that next time your teams attacker was about 6-12 inches offside!

That leads to one of my favourite quotes: ” He who dares…..wins.”   ( I think I have put this across in my blog posts, and is one of the reasons I have a Free Trial for Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp because if you don’t change something in your life, it will stay more-or-less the same.

Something to think about.

Anyway, Today I wanted to provide some insight into something a health professional said to me last week.  I was at the dentist, having my annual check up.

He had to take some X-rays……mainly because he meant to the last few times (me being a new patient)…….but hadn’t as my teeth seemed 100%.

Dentist:  “You have no fillings,  Your bones near your gums are nigh on 100% – You’re obviously doing something right. ”  I thought to myself – All I do is try not to eat sugary stuff in between meals……..and I always brush before bed, and make sure I do it properly.

This phrase “You’re obviously doing something right stuck in my head, and I thought how it could help you out.

A Simple Test

I Thought I would outline a few questions and a few possible things you might want to try – to improve your situation:

What are you doing right? And what are you doing wrong?


Do you get out of breath easily with fairly simple tasks (eg walk up the stairs)?  Maybe you might want to start exercising regularly. This would be the best start, and consistency will be key.  Try to improve every week.  A plan could look like

Week 1  walk for 20 mins 4 x a week

week 2 walk for 30 mins 4 x a week

week 3 walk for 40 mins 4 x a week

Once thats easy – up the intensity rather that just doing more.

Fat loss

Are you overweight? If you want to get attacking your fat stores, then I suggest the obvious.  Simply cut out sugary crap, (sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks) alcohol, and try to drink more water and fresh meat and vegetables.  This sounds easy, but I know of people losing 2,3,4 stone – just by stopping drinking, eating crap, and a small amount of exercise. 

Carrying a lot of Belly fat?

If you are looking for a double pronged approach, I recommend Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp, or if at home, doing intervals that are short but hard. Thats what we do to get Bootcampers Metabolisms sky high 😉


What can I say. The best athletes are usually the strongest and fastest.  If you need to improve your skills, like passing a rugby ball / football / hitting a tennis ball………….then practice practice practice!  If you want to get stronger and quicker – you need to be working up to some sprints, a little footwork perhaps, and big time on strength.  You want to produce force as quick as possible……..make it happen.

So theres 3  situations that probably sound like somewhat simple advice – but are you actually doing it? Like   I said in this post (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!) 



PS  Wheres the whole year gone?  I turned 28 today, and it feels like summer has been and gone!






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