2 Bits of Good News


Really quick blog post today. I have a load of good news….for a few reasons.  And no – its not that really stupid exercises have stopped being performed in the gym…………… 

 What are you trying to achieve?

The First Bit of Good News…..

I got engaged! Thanks to everyone for all the comments of Facebook (Click to log in) …..Its been a rollercoaster of a few days. Just last week we had 2 weddings to attend, and heres myself and the lucky lady at one of them. 


The Second Bit of Good News……

I have to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those that attended and donated to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Charity Bootcamp on Saturday.

Hard work all around!


I wanted to raise whatever we could, and was hopeful of £100.   Guess what?  Together, we all raised a massive £469.16.  This is a huge amount and just shows the good will of everyone involved. Just to illustrate how much this means, check out the following: 

  • £500 Funds the installation of a stair lift
  • £250 Buys specialist PC equipment to enable somebody to continue working

  • £200 Provides respite care for a day

  • £150 Funds an MND expert researcher for a full day

  • £100 Provides 10 newly diagnosed people with vital information packs

  • £50 Funds laboratory equipment for a day’s research

  • £25 Provides the MND Connect support and information line for an hour

  • £15 Buys an adapted cutlery set to help somebody continue to feed themselves


    So, we did some serious good work for charity – and we got a solid metabolism-raising training session in too.  Thats a Win-Win if you ask me.  If you want to see some more pics and vids – just check out below!

    Right, off now to train 2 clients and then Hessle Rugby Team 🙂


    PS  Did you see Bootcamper Vicky’s photos from in between January and July?  Click to see)






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