Are You Willing To Do Something Good And Do A Little Work?(Charity Bootcamp!)


I’m not sure if you saw last weeks blog post, where there was an inspirational video that could make you laugh and cry at the same time – click here to check it out.

I also mentioned in last weeks post that I am holding 2 Bootcamp classes for a Charity – in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.

Bootcamper Andy gave me the idea when he showed up to a bootcamp session wearing a MND T-shirt about 2 weeks ago. 

Motor Neurone Disease is a degenerative disease that affect motor neurones (large nerves) in our body – leading to weakness and wasting of muscles. This then causes loss of voluntary movement in the limbs and speech, swallowing and breathing can be difficult.

If you want to find out a bit more on Motor Neurone Disease………. FIND OUT BY CLICKING HERE

If you want to have a look at what donations go towards CLICK HERE

How YOU can help

On Saturday 13th August (mark it in your diary NOW!), there are going to be 2 bootcamps:

1) 8am

2) 9am

These Bootcamps are going to be fun, yet tough……… many other Bootcampers will testify.  All I ask is that you come along, take part in some exercises that are a bit different from the norm (some the same!) and donate at least £3 (more if you like) in to our MND Bucket.


So rinse out your loose change tins, find a few quid, and have a bit of fun while doing something good for someone else on a Saturday morning. 

PS   I mentioned HERE (click) about the state of kids health and the way that computer games are not doing us any favours.  You see this recent story about a young gamer who died after getting Deep Vein Thrombosis?  (You know, the type you normally hear about on airplane flights because you’re sat down for many hours at a time?  Well ,this kid was often sat down for long sessions GAMING)

Scary stuff.

Til next time – maybe Il see you a week Saturday 😉







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