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Option 1 2 or 3. You Choose.

I just wanted to get you to think about something today:

Let’s say your one of your children, (who is 15, and about to sit their GCSE’s), came home from school one day and shows you their school report. It summarises with the following:

‘Average performance overall but shows potential to do better’.  (And most predict grades of C’s an D’s…..when you KNOW he or she can hit B’s and C’s…..and maybe even an A or A*).

You begin to reflect on the comment and you decide there are only 3 options you can choose to improve your childs situation.

1) Ignore the comment……continue life as usual

2) Encourage your child to revise with friends who are getting better results – hope their motivation and knowledge ‘rubs off.’

3) Seek out professional help to coach or ‘mentor’ your child

What would you choose?


Most people in this situation choose Option 3. They see that the opportunity of improving their childs results is going to give them the greatest return on investment. After all, who wouldn’t want to increase their child’s performance if they had the chance?  While GCSE’s are not the be-all and end-all, you and I both know you would rather they have them than not.  Employers might just look and see a B vs a D and decide not to interview?

This seems like an easy decision. Ignoring the problem (opion 1) is out of the question and getting mates to revise together could do very little (and time can, and will run out) or this could even make things worse.  (Lads playing some guitar hero, Call of duty etc!!)

If you were to make a decision for your children, you see a situation, you think rationally and apply the best solution.

Its clear.

But why is it so hard for us as adults, to apply the same principles to similar situations that involve ourselves? That is, when we’re doing ok personally or professionally, but know we could be better, what stops us from seeking the services of a professional coach to improve our performance?

You want to improve your child’s education so you get a tutor. You want improve your daughter’s singing, so you send her to singing lessons. I myself taught myself to play guitar…………..but then went to lessons and my progress totally rocketed within a year. I would say It would have taken me 2.5 -3 years to make the same progress as I did in 1.  Why?

1. Because I got focus

2. I played with other musicians in a band regularly

3.  I played some gigs which made me accountable (if I messed up – I looked crap!)

4. It was fun to spend time with similar people who wanted the same goals as me (Play some rock music and have fun doing it)

You know that when you want to improve something, you seek expert advice and this results in accelerated performance and your child is happier as a result. Why then, is it so hard for us, as adults to acknowledge that we too need to increase our performance and the only way to do it, is by seeking support from experts?
Maybe it’s the old case of ‘I don’t have time’……..if it is important to you…..then you had better MAKE TIME.

I make the most of my time with a simple diary, it keeps me on track.

So, if you re reading this, and you’re looking to lose some weight, and get fitter and stronger along the way……I would say you need to ignore option 1.

Do you agree?

” If you always do what you ve always done, you ll get what you’ve always got”



‘Til next time!


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“You must be doing something right” (3 Simple Tips)


Hope you enjoyed this weekend – top weather for Saturday morning bootcamp, and both days too.  I loved the football – Liverpool beat Arsenal and Everton lost to QPR (I remember this time last year Liverpool being in the worst of it).  Aswell, those who say both Liverpools goals were offside often forget a crucial offside point.

“When in doubt, advantage goes to the attacking player”  – Quote that next time your teams attacker was about 6-12 inches offside!

That leads to one of my favourite quotes: ” He who dares…..wins.”   ( I think I have put this across in my blog posts, and is one of the reasons I have a Free Trial for Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp because if you don’t change something in your life, it will stay more-or-less the same.

Something to think about.

Anyway, Today I wanted to provide some insight into something a health professional said to me last week.  I was at the dentist, having my annual check up.

He had to take some X-rays……mainly because he meant to the last few times (me being a new patient)…….but hadn’t as my teeth seemed 100%.

Dentist:  “You have no fillings,  Your bones near your gums are nigh on 100% – You’re obviously doing something right. ”  I thought to myself – All I do is try not to eat sugary stuff in between meals……..and I always brush before bed, and make sure I do it properly.

This phrase “You’re obviously doing something right stuck in my head, and I thought how it could help you out.

A Simple Test

I Thought I would outline a few questions and a few possible things you might want to try – to improve your situation:

What are you doing right? And what are you doing wrong?


Do you get out of breath easily with fairly simple tasks (eg walk up the stairs)?  Maybe you might want to start exercising regularly. This would be the best start, and consistency will be key.  Try to improve every week.  A plan could look like

Week 1  walk for 20 mins 4 x a week

week 2 walk for 30 mins 4 x a week

week 3 walk for 40 mins 4 x a week

Once thats easy – up the intensity rather that just doing more.

Fat loss

Are you overweight? If you want to get attacking your fat stores, then I suggest the obvious.  Simply cut out sugary crap, (sweets, biscuits, fizzy drinks) alcohol, and try to drink more water and fresh meat and vegetables.  This sounds easy, but I know of people losing 2,3,4 stone – just by stopping drinking, eating crap, and a small amount of exercise. 

Carrying a lot of Belly fat?

If you are looking for a double pronged approach, I recommend Maximum Metabolism Bootcamp, or if at home, doing intervals that are short but hard. Thats what we do to get Bootcampers Metabolisms sky high 😉


What can I say. The best athletes are usually the strongest and fastest.  If you need to improve your skills, like passing a rugby ball / football / hitting a tennis ball………….then practice practice practice!  If you want to get stronger and quicker – you need to be working up to some sprints, a little footwork perhaps, and big time on strength.  You want to produce force as quick as possible……..make it happen.

So theres 3  situations that probably sound like somewhat simple advice – but are you actually doing it? Like   I said in this post (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!) 



PS  Wheres the whole year gone?  I turned 28 today, and it feels like summer has been and gone!

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2 Bits of Good News


Really quick blog post today. I have a load of good news….for a few reasons.  And no – its not that really stupid exercises have stopped being performed in the gym…………… 

 What are you trying to achieve?

The First Bit of Good News…..

I got engaged! Thanks to everyone for all the comments of Facebook (Click to log in) …..Its been a rollercoaster of a few days. Just last week we had 2 weddings to attend, and heres myself and the lucky lady at one of them. 


The Second Bit of Good News……

I have to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all those that attended and donated to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Charity Bootcamp on Saturday.

Hard work all around!


I wanted to raise whatever we could, and was hopeful of £100.   Guess what?  Together, we all raised a massive £469.16.  This is a huge amount and just shows the good will of everyone involved. Just to illustrate how much this means, check out the following: 

  • £500 Funds the installation of a stair lift
  • £250 Buys specialist PC equipment to enable somebody to continue working

  • £200 Provides respite care for a day

  • £150 Funds an MND expert researcher for a full day

  • £100 Provides 10 newly diagnosed people with vital information packs

  • £50 Funds laboratory equipment for a day’s research

  • £25 Provides the MND Connect support and information line for an hour

  • £15 Buys an adapted cutlery set to help somebody continue to feed themselves


    So, we did some serious good work for charity – and we got a solid metabolism-raising training session in too.  Thats a Win-Win if you ask me.  If you want to see some more pics and vids – just check out below!

    Right, off now to train 2 clients and then Hessle Rugby Team 🙂


    PS  Did you see Bootcamper Vicky’s photos from in between January and July?  Click to see)

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    Should You Be ‘Smart Enough’ to ‘Know’ That Some Fitness Model is Taking Steroids? (VIDEO)


    I hope you’re smashing it this week – with both your training AND your nutritional choices.

    This video has been out a while but I thought I would just draw your undivided attention to it.

    Let me set things up…….

    So, heres the scene:  A successful fitness model takes supplement ‘A’……… see it advertised, and you buy it, in the hope to try and look like this model, who is ripped, hanging out with another sexy fitness model – with smiles all around.

    What if he also takes ‘supplement B?’

    Click to view in Youtube

    Click the pic or click here

    Watch the vid and answer the question……should some people just ‘know’?

    Feel free to comment on this. (If you re not already a member……..then click here),  If you dont fancy commenting………..hit the ‘like’ button, and let your friends know that not everyone is working as hard as you 😉


    PS .  If you dont already know, we are doing 2 Charity Bootcamps to try and raise money for Motor Neurone Disease, a degenerative disease that affect motor neurones (large nerves) in our body – leading to weakness and wasting of muscles. This then causes loss of voluntary movement in the limbs…… and speech, swallowing and breathing can be difficult.

    The place: Hessle Rugby Club

    The time: 8am or 9am

    Please come and show your support 🙂     More info?

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    Are You Willing To Do Something Good And Do A Little Work?(Charity Bootcamp!)


    I’m not sure if you saw last weeks blog post, where there was an inspirational video that could make you laugh and cry at the same time – click here to check it out.

    I also mentioned in last weeks post that I am holding 2 Bootcamp classes for a Charity – in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.

    Bootcamper Andy gave me the idea when he showed up to a bootcamp session wearing a MND T-shirt about 2 weeks ago. 

    Motor Neurone Disease is a degenerative disease that affect motor neurones (large nerves) in our body – leading to weakness and wasting of muscles. This then causes loss of voluntary movement in the limbs and speech, swallowing and breathing can be difficult.

    If you want to find out a bit more on Motor Neurone Disease………. FIND OUT BY CLICKING HERE

    If you want to have a look at what donations go towards CLICK HERE

    How YOU can help

    On Saturday 13th August (mark it in your diary NOW!), there are going to be 2 bootcamps:

    1) 8am

    2) 9am

    These Bootcamps are going to be fun, yet tough……… many other Bootcampers will testify.  All I ask is that you come along, take part in some exercises that are a bit different from the norm (some the same!) and donate at least £3 (more if you like) in to our MND Bucket.


    So rinse out your loose change tins, find a few quid, and have a bit of fun while doing something good for someone else on a Saturday morning. 

    PS   I mentioned HERE (click) about the state of kids health and the way that computer games are not doing us any favours.  You see this recent story about a young gamer who died after getting Deep Vein Thrombosis?  (You know, the type you normally hear about on airplane flights because you’re sat down for many hours at a time?  Well ,this kid was often sat down for long sessions GAMING)

    Scary stuff.

    Til next time – maybe Il see you a week Saturday 😉


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