Make The Decision EARLY – Like On A Barge!


This blog post relates to a fun stag weekend I had on a narrowboat/barge.

Fun was had by all – and I made sure to get a conditioning session in to get back on it.  It felt harder than usual (probably from lack of sleep) but had some heavy shoulder presses and mobility work, followed by a round like a typical bootcamp-style circuit and finished with some conditioning with the sled.

Make The Decision EARLY – Like On A Barge!

This barge was pretty easy to drive if you simply kept a steady hand, stayed alert and looked down the canal in anticipation of obstacles.  More than once, a few of the crew took their eye off the ball and mini-chaos followed!

The 3 tips for driving the barge successfully (steady hand, stay alert, anticpate obstacles) can be made into tips to keep you on track with your training goals.

1) Steady hand

A steady hand is like CONSISTENCY.  If you start a food plan on the Monday and on Tuesday night there’s a celebration with lots of food not on your plan – then try not to have a lot of it!  If you have it, then it’s not the end of the world. What you CANNOT DO though, is say, “Well thats this week out the window…….I will start over next Monday.”

Be consistent (If you fall out of line, then quickly get back on it – )

Another point Id like to make is that both with driving and training/diet adherence, is that you will spend a lot of the journey ‘off line’  (99% of the time you wont be on a ‘perfect track’……but you must try to stick to a plan) because if you dont know where you re going…………how will you know when you get there?!!!

2) Stay Alert

Be in the moment.

When you re training………… be there!  Don’t be chit-chatting.

Do that afterwards while cooling down or after the conditioning. Or, just make time outside the training session.

The more you can stop multi-tasking – the better!


3 Anticipate Obstacles

Pay attention to:

Shopping lists:  Plan your meals and work out what you need. Then you won’t be stuck with no food, and nothing but a take away menu!

Birthdays / celebrations:   We all have them – and so do our friends.   You know when your mates birthdays are don’t you?

Yes there are often random occasions, but if you plan properly – you can enjoy them relatively guilt free if you be honest with yourself. This means planning for  weekends, and food types in particular.

Wrap up

So there you have it.  3 simple (but definitely not EASY tips to help keep you on track.  Or as near to the ‘perfect’ track………as the case should be!



PS  Make the decision early!  There are about 6 weeks left of summer, and bootcamp is in full throttle!  If you are sat on the fence – then let me know and I will sort you and a friend a free trial to sample it.  Exercise will help you fit into those small jeans – and the fresh air is heaven compared to a stuffy gym.  You make the decision…..






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