Quality Over Quantity (Part 1)

Yo yo yo!  Hope you’re killin’ it with your training, and are enjoying all this ace weather!

I’m just back from Turkey, and am feeling totally recharged.  The bad about the holiday – a blocked ear (water) for about 5 days, and some mozzy bites (although I never saw one!)   They must’ve been lurking in the bedroom…..

The good about the holiday…………the people, the hotel, and the good food.  Check out the chicken on the BBQ on a private boat trip 🙂


Today I wanted to talk about QUALITY and QUANTITY

You see, while away, I met some pretty cool people, had a lot of laughs and chilled out.  When I met someone new, something jumped out at me though…………they seemed to be more interested in quantity?  Like when I said, I help people lose weight and help them to look and feel better…………their response was “How many clients do you have?”    I have been asked this a lot, but you know when the same answer comes out a few times in quick succession – it sticks.  

I wondered why the repsonse wasn’t “I bet that’s really satisfying” or “What do your customers like about the coaching experience” etc etc.

Our Obsession with Numbers


We do appear to be a little obsessed with the numbers.  How much weight have you lost?………”3 stone…….wow! ”  Sounds a lot better than ” You look a lot healthier / sexier / slimmer than before”.     

Where is the Quality though?  Sure, you can lose a hell of a lot of weight eating 800 calories and walking a few miles a day…………..but what happens when a few weeks in , you notice you start losing muscle tone aswell?   I know you would rather lose mostly body fat, rather than a lot of muscle and fat together……and get the skinny-fat look.

Facebook friends

Are people forever trying to befriend you on facebook?!  (click to log in now) 

People from school, who you can’t even remember……or probably didn’t even like!!   I bet you see these people as other people friends and think ” I bet you havent said 100 words to that person!”  

Speaking of facebook – one of my clients (and myself included) struggled to send private and public messages in the beginning – get this funny conversation ……


….Again, people on facebook are trying to get more and more ‘friends’ than keeping high quality relationships in their life.  Start with your family and best friends!

Exercise Quality and Quantity

Again, exercise gets pounded for more and more quantity…………at the expense of quality movements.  If I had a pound for everytime someone said ” I’ve just done over an-hour-an-a-half in the gym” ,  or “Just done 3 classes,  combat, rpm and pump” – I would be a very rich man!  If you can do that long, you were either

1) Pi**ing about talking

2) Pi**ing about slacking at a low intensity.   

3) Just doing what you normally do! (and probably stressing your body a whole lot in the process)

God, I remember once, some guy telling me he had done a 3 hour gym session!!!   I was almost speechless.   When I asked “why?”   He said he’d been slacking all week, and hadn’t gotten to the gym.  When I proposed doing things harder and shorter………..he said he needed to get his cardio in.  (IE boring 45 mins stepper, 30 mins treamill, 30 mins cross trainer etc)

Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G ?

This morning, I did an Upper Body training session, it lasted 35 minutes. Does that mean it wasn’t beneficial because it wasn’t an hour? 

 I hope you know the answer.  

Tonight I’l be playing a 5-a-side football match which is 14 minutes each way.  Will it be a breeze because it’ s not 45 minutes each way, like 11-a-side?  

I hope you see where I’m coming from with this.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week – where I will touch upon more, including food, pricing and personal training / coaching.


PS  If you don’t already know –  The Metabolism Bootcamp is 3 days a week, and Mondays and Saturday have been close to full recently. If you have a Wednesday night free – you may want to take advantage of a free Bootcamp trial in July.  Let me know by emailing me at john@yournextlevelfitness.co.uk  .   If you’re going on holiday mid-August or later, this may be your last chance to try and drop a dress size 😉







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