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This is a BRILLIANT video I found the other day.

It will probably make you feel like laughing, crying, and stop complaining about whatever it is you’re complaining about.

It’s only about 4 minutes long.  Please take the time to watch it if you haven’t seen it already. (Click to open in YouTube)

So when you think things are tough……..think again 🙂

Until next time,


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Make The Decision EARLY – Like On A Barge!


This blog post relates to a fun stag weekend I had on a narrowboat/barge.

Fun was had by all – and I made sure to get a conditioning session in to get back on it.  It felt harder than usual (probably from lack of sleep) but had some heavy shoulder presses and mobility work, followed by a round like a typical bootcamp-style circuit and finished with some conditioning with the sled.

Make The Decision EARLY – Like On A Barge!

This barge was pretty easy to drive if you simply kept a steady hand, stayed alert and looked down the canal in anticipation of obstacles.  More than once, a few of the crew took their eye off the ball and mini-chaos followed!

The 3 tips for driving the barge successfully (steady hand, stay alert, anticpate obstacles) can be made into tips to keep you on track with your training goals.

1) Steady hand

A steady hand is like CONSISTENCY.  If you start a food plan on the Monday and on Tuesday night there’s a celebration with lots of food not on your plan – then try not to have a lot of it!  If you have it, then it’s not the end of the world. What you CANNOT DO though, is say, “Well thats this week out the window…….I will start over next Monday.”

Be consistent (If you fall out of line, then quickly get back on it – )

Another point Id like to make is that both with driving and training/diet adherence, is that you will spend a lot of the journey ‘off line’  (99% of the time you wont be on a ‘perfect track’……but you must try to stick to a plan) because if you dont know where you re going…………how will you know when you get there?!!!

2) Stay Alert

Be in the moment.

When you re training………… be there!  Don’t be chit-chatting.

Do that afterwards while cooling down or after the conditioning. Or, just make time outside the training session.

The more you can stop multi-tasking – the better!


3 Anticipate Obstacles

Pay attention to:

Shopping lists:  Plan your meals and work out what you need. Then you won’t be stuck with no food, and nothing but a take away menu!

Birthdays / celebrations:   We all have them – and so do our friends.   You know when your mates birthdays are don’t you?

Yes there are often random occasions, but if you plan properly – you can enjoy them relatively guilt free if you be honest with yourself. This means planning for  weekends, and food types in particular.

Wrap up

So there you have it.  3 simple (but definitely not EASY tips to help keep you on track.  Or as near to the ‘perfect’ track………as the case should be!



PS  Make the decision early!  There are about 6 weeks left of summer, and bootcamp is in full throttle!  If you are sat on the fence – then let me know and I will sort you and a friend a free trial to sample it.  Exercise will help you fit into those small jeans – and the fresh air is heaven compared to a stuffy gym.  You make the decision…..

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Quality Over Quantity (Part 2)


I hope you are keeping your training high quality, and not doing endless reps for the sake of it.  I highlighted some of the problems with this methodolgy last week in this post right here (click here)

Before I crack on, I thought I’d mention that I have seen the end!!!!!!  It was in Dalaman airport in Turkey – Pic at the end of this article!!!

Quality over Quantity

Last week, I mentioned that people tend to go for more and more volume of sub-standard training exercises, sets, reps etc.  I wrote mainly about exercise and that people often do more work on low quality choices and some more tips.   Today I want to address  3 topics.

1. Food

2. Pricing

3. Value



We all know what is good for us.  Don’t we?  

Ok, so maybe a lot of people swallow the crap that they hear:
‘wholegrain’ is good for you,

‘this fizzy drink is ok because its diet’

‘look! only 89 calories per serving!’

I hope you are a member of the website (if not – click here – its!) and have read most (if not all) of my articles over the past few years. I identified in ‘The Calorie Conundrum'(click to view), that Quality is far more important that Quantity.  If you havent got time to read it….ask yourself this:

Whats better for me to eat? 

a) 400 kcals of grass fed beef and some broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.  
b) 300 kcals of crisps, chocolate and diet coke?

Im sure even the most eager of calorie-counters out there know the answer.

Stop counting calories!   Use the extra hours you ll save, by shopping for QUALITY food regularly, and exercising hard, and frequently.
2: Quality and Quantity: Pricing

Is an expensive car (BMW, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley etc) the same to drive as a more affordable car (___insert your own car brand here!_____)   ?

I’l say that I am probably not the cheapest coach in Hull if you are interested in losing fat and getting leaner, while getting stronger at the same time.  Then again, I am probably not the most expensive either.

It all boils down to QUALITY and VALUE FOR MONEY.

There were occasions at the old health club I used to work out of, when people would ask about my pricing………and then I would see them being coached the very next day with another trainer (probably because they got a session free, or it was cheaper etc.)  

Little did the client know that they would spend half-to-most of the time on looooooong boooooring cardio  – that they could have done themselves!!!!!!

" Hey! You can pay me to press a button and talk to you!

When you pay for coaching – coaching is what you should get.  Not just a physical beating!!!

In fact, highly successful coach Joe De Franco once said
“Remember that it’s easy for a coach to make an athlete tired, but it takes a true professional to get an athlete stronger, faster, more flexible and better conditioned. “


Do you want a clue when your trainer does not have a clue? 

They do not follow any kind of program or system for getting you results.  Ie, they do not have a program on a clipboard in front of them 90% of the time…..or they are really dis-organised.
If you hear your trainer say ” Hmmmm what shall we do next? I know, let’s ____(insert on-the-spot-exercise-just-thought-up-now  here) ______ “…..then RUN. 

Another clue your trainer is clueless. Doing 'fun' exercises that do next to nothing!

Quality and Quantity – Your Gym membership
Have you ever ran some numbers and come out a little perplexed?   How about this.  Ask your gym roughly how many members they have.   You will be blown away.

They are likely to have more than you think.   Can you imagine, what if, just for one day (not unreasonable), say that your gym has 5000 members, and we say that 20% (not a lot it would seem – yet it is 1000 people) decide to train at the busiest time  (eg monday night 6pm).   You get havoc. 

You see, gyms sell people memberships, hoping they will sign up for the year, get stuck in a 12 month contract, come 5 times a week for a month……….and then return once every summer for a while to lose some weight before their holidays.

Big gyms, rarely care about what you do after you have signed up.  If yours does care – then congrats!  You re in the minority.  

If this wasn’t true, then why do big gyms have so many ‘sales advisors’ and next to no gym staff around?  Or if there are gym members – they’re all round the desk laughing and joking (and being intimidating or anti social?!)

I feel good to know that I know what every client needs, and what will help them go where they want to go.  If something is not working, we can work out another route.

Its all about Quality and Value!
Hope you loved this post anyway.  If you have any topics you want me to write about – drop me an email and Il see what I can do.

Oh, I nearly forgot!!!  Here is ‘the end’ that I mentioned at the start of todays blog post.  The MEGA MAC!!  

The ‘Mega Mac’ is a classic example of quantity over quality………


I’m sure you know that this is probably not the best meal to have.  (Im sure you can find a better meal for less in an airport too!)

Have a good week – Let me know if you are hankering for a free Bootcamp trial tomorrow night (Wednesday 13th July).   You re not scared of a bit of quality conditioning are ya? 😉


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Quality Over Quantity (Part 1)

Yo yo yo!  Hope you’re killin’ it with your training, and are enjoying all this ace weather!

I’m just back from Turkey, and am feeling totally recharged.  The bad about the holiday – a blocked ear (water) for about 5 days, and some mozzy bites (although I never saw one!)   They must’ve been lurking in the bedroom…..

The good about the holiday…………the people, the hotel, and the good food.  Check out the chicken on the BBQ on a private boat trip 🙂


Today I wanted to talk about QUALITY and QUANTITY

You see, while away, I met some pretty cool people, had a lot of laughs and chilled out.  When I met someone new, something jumped out at me though…………they seemed to be more interested in quantity?  Like when I said, I help people lose weight and help them to look and feel better…………their response was “How many clients do you have?”    I have been asked this a lot, but you know when the same answer comes out a few times in quick succession – it sticks.  

I wondered why the repsonse wasn’t “I bet that’s really satisfying” or “What do your customers like about the coaching experience” etc etc.

Our Obsession with Numbers


We do appear to be a little obsessed with the numbers.  How much weight have you lost?………”3 stone…….wow! ”  Sounds a lot better than ” You look a lot healthier / sexier / slimmer than before”.     

Where is the Quality though?  Sure, you can lose a hell of a lot of weight eating 800 calories and walking a few miles a day…………..but what happens when a few weeks in , you notice you start losing muscle tone aswell?   I know you would rather lose mostly body fat, rather than a lot of muscle and fat together……and get the skinny-fat look.

Facebook friends

Are people forever trying to befriend you on facebook?!  (click to log in now) 

People from school, who you can’t even remember……or probably didn’t even like!!   I bet you see these people as other people friends and think ” I bet you havent said 100 words to that person!”  

Speaking of facebook – one of my clients (and myself included) struggled to send private and public messages in the beginning – get this funny conversation ……


….Again, people on facebook are trying to get more and more ‘friends’ than keeping high quality relationships in their life.  Start with your family and best friends!

Exercise Quality and Quantity

Again, exercise gets pounded for more and more quantity…………at the expense of quality movements.  If I had a pound for everytime someone said ” I’ve just done over an-hour-an-a-half in the gym” ,  or “Just done 3 classes,  combat, rpm and pump” – I would be a very rich man!  If you can do that long, you were either

1) Pi**ing about talking

2) Pi**ing about slacking at a low intensity.   

3) Just doing what you normally do! (and probably stressing your body a whole lot in the process)

God, I remember once, some guy telling me he had done a 3 hour gym session!!!   I was almost speechless.   When I asked “why?”   He said he’d been slacking all week, and hadn’t gotten to the gym.  When I proposed doing things harder and shorter………..he said he needed to get his cardio in.  (IE boring 45 mins stepper, 30 mins treamill, 30 mins cross trainer etc)

Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G ?

This morning, I did an Upper Body training session, it lasted 35 minutes. Does that mean it wasn’t beneficial because it wasn’t an hour? 

 I hope you know the answer.  

Tonight I’l be playing a 5-a-side football match which is 14 minutes each way.  Will it be a breeze because it’ s not 45 minutes each way, like 11-a-side?  

I hope you see where I’m coming from with this.

Stay tuned for Part 2 next week – where I will touch upon more, including food, pricing and personal training / coaching.


PS  If you don’t already know –  The Metabolism Bootcamp is 3 days a week, and Mondays and Saturday have been close to full recently. If you have a Wednesday night free – you may want to take advantage of a free Bootcamp trial in July.  Let me know by emailing me at  .   If you’re going on holiday mid-August or later, this may be your last chance to try and drop a dress size 😉