Strength and Go Ape Go Hand in Hand


You having a good week?  I have been working harder than ever this year – helping people look and feel better, and moving my business to a new location.  If you didnt see last weeks video of the creation from start to finish……. click here for the transformation from a dirty old changing room to a studio for Hessle rugby team and my training clients to train with intensity for maximum fat loss.

Not able to be used for 60 minutes non stop – like your average aerobics class

I had a great weekend !  We rolled Bootcamp out in the sun on Saturday morning, and afterwards I trained some basic and cucial strength exercises.  On Sunday, I went to Dalby Forest for a bit of Go Ape Action!  If you haven’t been before I would recommend it……..swinging from tree top to tree top – and made to fit all abilities.

You don't have to look like this to get around…..

Go Ape is fantastic exercise in itself – the walking from stage to stage, and aswell the stages themselves.  You work your pulling muscles (upper back) and this will help your posture no end.  Many gym routines and activities miss out the pulling element (or over-emphasise the pushing) and this is crucial for your shoulder health.  Chin ups and pull up variations should be a mainstay of any program – you should be aiming to get those numbers up year by year.

On Saturday I worked some squats and deadlifts for some strength work.  The deadlift is also a great posture exercise, and is also a pulling exercise – a great double whammy!  You need to check your flexibility out and watch your form as I have seen some atrocious form in my time.    

Check out one of my top end sets…..


Strengthen your upper back in relation to your body weight = makes climbing easier!  Makes Go Ape easier!

Bootcamp News  

You may have seen the Bootcamp dates………….There is a recovery week from next week (click here to see the dates).  We will be hitting it really hard this week so you will want that bit of a break!  I recommend some lighter work, focusing on some rehab, or some light cardio like walking or jogging, (not done to exhaustion, and non-panting). This will aid in revery because we have been hitting it very hard for some sessions recently – and this wednesday and saturday will be no exception! The sessions are back on from the 27th, same time, same place. 

The Bootcamp places are full until wed 29th June – so let me me know now if you want in on that night or thereafter.  You snooze…… lose!


PS You Bootcampers will have received my fat loss manual by now – enjoy!






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