Your Next Level Fitness – The Birth! (Video!)

You may have been following the John Cammish Blog for a while now. I usually discuss methods to lose weight, (and how to lose fat – not muscle). Over the last few weeks you will have noticed the talk of the Hessle Rugby Club Venue holding the Your Next Level Fitness Bootcamps.   If you havent checked for the past few weeks, you will want to read these 2 blog posts; 

Your Next Level Fitness in Hull – Part 1

Your Next Level Fitness in Hull – Part 2

I’d just like to say that Bootcamps are absolutely crazy with tons of effort and atmosphere, I am loving every second!  

The ladies are stepping up with some super intense carrying – this is going ABOVE what they thought they could do months ago!  The guys have also been smashing the sessions too – fast prowler sprints are very VERY hard.

You just don't know til you do it!

Your Next Level Fitness from Birth

The studio has been a while coming.  If anyone saw what it was previously, they would probably not recognise it right now!  Everyone involved, (Big Mal, ‘squirrel’ Darren, Tony the builder, my dad, brother Paul and girlfriend Jen,  Bootcamper Chris, and caretaker Mike) should all be proud of the work that they have put in – and I am thankful as I seriously could not have done it on my own. Outside makes for an awesome outdoor Bootcamp venue, and The Rugby team are now stepping up their training, and I can’t wait for them to start seeing the results real soon.

Below is a video of the birth of Your Next Level – from start to finish! Check it out!

If you cannot see the video – check it out in YOUTUBE (click).

You don’t know what hard work and planning can do until you try……..

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