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You might not have been reading the blogs the past few weeks…..if you missed out on why you need a power cage or squat rack you can read part 1 here, and if you want to find out why you need to pull more often then you push, and why my bootcamps are ‘COMPLETE’ – you can check out part 2 here.

Our Bootcamps are more than just running and press ups……


I have been really busy lately.  My days of training clients at the Village Health Club in Hull are officially over.  I am now the Strength and Conditioning Coach at Hessle Rugby Club and am itching to get into more training with the team!  The place has really brought an ace venue as the Bootcamps are really going down a treat. This past week we have been increasing the intensity, and the rest a little…………but keeping the dinsity pretty high with some strongman type work too. Just last night (on a Bank holiday Monday) we had regulars training hard and sweating loads.  This boost in metabolism will aid in burning fat for hours.  

One Bootcamper on Saturday actually measured this and his Heart rate was still 20 beats above resting heart rate ……..3 hours later!   We employ these intense intervals to prolong this effect hours and hours later.    In my opinion, hours and hours of low intensity exercise just wont cut it if you’re looking to only spend 3-5 hours a week training and enjoy life ……

Not the best way to burn a load of calories ….


Got Time to Listen to an Interview?

Russ Meyers, (Best selling author of DREAM BIG BIG DREAMS THAT ONLY A CHILD COULD DREAM), interviewed me last week.    Russ is a top inspirational Speaker, has his own motivational radio show and  recently quoted as one of Peter Levy’s best guests on his show.  You can check Russ out at

Click the link below to listen to the Interview unfold (Opens in Youtube, 11min 30s  in length)

Hope you enjoyed that.

Just a quick heads up…..if you didn’t know……Bootcamp has added a new night!!    Wednesday night at 6.30pm now offers another opportunity to get lifting, get sweaty and into fat burning mode………..under an experts supervision and with the accountability and support of other like-minded people.

Places are already going fast.  Could you do with something different, or that same old gym routine (that you know ‘off by heart’).







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