Your Next Level Fitness in Hull – Part 1


I mentioned in this blog post(click) a couple of weeks ago that I had some BIG news for you.

Well, here it is:


Over the years of running my own personal training business out of the Village Hotel in Hull, (Click to see facilities)…. I have loved every moment helping tons of clients (check out their stories HERE).   From everyday people working 9 to 5, recreational triathletes….even helping an amateur rugby player make the England Team! (Click to read) 

From helping  unhealthy and overweight to strong and lean, lacking energy to full of ‘umph(!)’…………I have seen many types of client. 

As time has moved on I have seen my passion for ‘general’ fitness classes nosedive – yes – you read that correctly!!  Not because I am bored by them, or that they don’t work for a certain amount of time……………but simply because there is no LOGICAL PROGRESSION and people adapt to them really quickly.  I have developed my Fat Loss Bootcamp (Click to view) which addresses the shortcomings of most fitness classes and MY PASSION is BACK!  The beauty of these classes is that they can be modified to make it harder and keep results coming………….very hard to replicate with typical aerobics-based exercise classes. (Click here for more on the topic – my article called Are you a Class Junky) 

I have also noticed a ‘special’ type of atmosphere when doing personal training with 2 people, or 3 people together………….the atmosphere  is electric and this gives an edge to the time outside of sessions too.  Aswell,   training outdoors is an experience so different to the gym……….and I just love it.

So what does this matter?????

Well, for a long time I have been searching high and low for a location that could help………For me to train groups of people, to help each other and help themselves DO WHAT THEY CAME TO DOI want to help more people………and use the outdoors too!

I have now found it…………….

Your Next Level Fitness is something that can take you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL…….IF YOU STICK TO THE PLAN…..AND WORK HARD.

This has been seen time and time again in stories from clients both on the testimonials page, and many more not printed.

Your Next Level Fitness is located here:

So Why is Your Next Level Fitness Better than What I am Doing Now?

What we provide, and why it will help you lose fat, get stronger and quicker:

Power Cage

1. This is the daddy that you cannot do without if you want to work your legs properly.   (Legs are the biggest calorie burners…..and who doesnt want sexy legs?!)

2. The squat cannot be compared to the leg press for functionality – the control you have to have over your body in space in a full squat is phenomenol.  I’m talking about deep squats here too – not 1/4 squats.   If you can’t get past parallel without your heels lifting up – you need more flexibility work.

3. Many gyms nowadays don’t even have power cages.  They have smith machines!  These are possibly one of the worst things you can do mess up your natural movement pattern.  Yes your NATURAL movement pattern.  This site has a short but sweet summary of why they are inferior to free weights

In the past 4-5 years, I have ONLY used the smith machine for mobility work, and short movement.  So….Chin ups, the odd shrug or partial tricep press and calf raises. Small movements are ok – but you do not want to mess up your shoulders hips and knees!  I don’t use the smith machine for typical bodybuilding movements – so I dont recommend my clients do (apart for what I just listed.)

Good morning achey knees and hips!

4. You might simply but a light barbell on your shoulders and start squatting – which is great start!  The majority of female clients I see will struggle to get 20-25kg+ overhead……………yet their legs can squat more than this.  This means you are not pushing yourself when it comes to your legs.   Also, If you re using heavy dumbells – the grip of the client will limit the load – again, your legs can handle more!  

5.  A power cage has safety bars in case you miss that last rep.  If you don’t know where your limit is……………how do you know if you’re working hard???!!!!


There are probably a dozen more reasons why a power cage is necessary.   Watch out for part 2 of this post on Your Next Level Fitness coming soon ……..










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