You Need To Work For It!

You might have read on Facebook (click to log in) yesterday…………I was a Cheslea fan for the day.   Being a Liverpool fan, I don’t like seeing Man Utd win.


The thing was – It wasn’t that Man Utd were great (what they said on Match of the day 2)…………it was that Chelsea simply didn’t work hard – they didn’t show up!


So this week, I would like to again point out why you need to work hard if you want to be successful with your fitness, strength and weight loss goals.

(By the way, I just can’t bear to put a Man U pic on my site!!!)

When’s the deadline?

Have you got a holiday coming up? Maybe a wedding?  I’m actually going a few weddings this summer – I’m sure there’s quite a few women wanting to look their best.  If the time you want to look your best is say, Mid-June-July – you had better be smashing it right now – because the body you see then……….is made RIGHT NOW!


You’ve got to be willing to knock down walls to get to your next level. 

There is a world of difference between doing an hour a day, steady all the way on some cardio machine , going-through-the-motions ……….compared with busting a gut for 20-40 mins 3-4 times a week.   Nail your food choices, and that INTENSITY will help trump most aerobic routines.   Why?   It will make your body think ” Holy S**t!!!! If we don’t change (get stronger, able to handle more physical stress) then we’re gonna get crushed!!!

I have written about this INTENSITY in the past:

Prepared to work intensely?

Are you MAN Enough?…..Like these guys……   

I think we all now know that we need to work HARD as well as FREQUENTLY.

It really can be survival of the fittest

That pic said it all.  

FLY OR DIE!!!!!!



PS  Speaking of Intensity, Bootcamp is nearly full……..and the lads and lasses are killing it with hard work, short rest and are getting in top condition for their efforts. 

If you havent already – Take a look at the mens vid —–>

You may want to think ahead . . . . .






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