You Have A ‘Next’ Level


Quick motivational one today – you know you need it just in time for summer 😉

You DO have a NEXT LEVEL you know.  Yes you do!

What do you train for? Is it for a sport?  Is it to look good?

Find out what it is THAT YOU REALLY WANT, and look at what the successful people do to get there.  Don’t feel bad to copy them!

If it’s performance like getting quicker, then train like a sprinter.   That could mean some agility for your sport and definitely some leg strength for speed.

I can tell you that I got a hell of a lot quicker from getting my legs quicker through squats and lunges, and then getting out and simply sprinting.

If you train for aesthetic purposes (looking more attractive), then train like who you think is attractive.  That means weights, high intensity work and big focus on diet.

Not what I would drink to get to the Olympics. . . . .

……….By the way, if a coach/personal trainer just says ‘eat less and do more’ …….just don’t talk to them again.  You can thank me for saving you years of pain in an email 😉    ……   

In fact Bootcamper Vicky (who’s words you can read about in this testimonials section), this weekend found she has lost 2 stone and is 2 dress sizes down since she started back in mid January.  That’s about 3-and-a-half months.   She hasn’t starved……………but she has made the sacrifices to really progress.   (Is it coincidence that Vicky has not missed one single Bootcamp since she started?  Also, she has become more creative in the kitchen – we could all learn a thing or 2 from her will power…………..and recipes!)

Picture when you want to get it by.  Is it realistic? Check out why your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.E.R. as I highlighted in this article many moons ago……(Free for members)

Goals should take you to that next level – and be so good that they are worth every ounce of sweat and effort it took to get there.  Another of my clients has lost 4 stone in less than 4 months, and last week a new client of mine going great guns in the gym blew away just under 11 lbs in 10 days!  Yes thats more than a pound a day. You can put your mind to it – and with the right tools (information) and effort (from you) you can do what you want to do – if you want it enough.  Stay tuned on this blog for these stories in future.  The bottom line remains………….make a big goal that might even scare you a little……….break it down……..and either think through obstacles – or just smash through them. 

Whether it is to break that ‘X’ stone barrier, to bench press 120kg or run a 11 second 100m……………..wherever you are – there is a ‘next level’ between WHERE YOU ARE NOW – AND WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.

Think about what it would mean to you, if you could say ” I’ve really taken it up a level”………because IF YOU WANT to LOOK LIKE YOU’VE GONE UP A LEVEL………………..YOU HAD BETTER BE EATING AND TRAINING ON THE NEXT LEVEL UP!!!!!

Stay tuned this weekend for some BIG NEWS for you and your goals.


PS  You do like being outside don’t you?  If you haven’t tried training outside………… might just like it 🙂






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