Advice From The Best Personal Trainers


Weight training is a must for a lean physique.

If you re a woman reading this – you may want to squat . . .

If you want to be strong – you had better lift some heavy weights…..(Not stand on a wobble board!)

Bosu and fitball training could be useful – but many trainers use it because they want to do ‘something new’ or ‘trendy’…..even if its ineffective, and they spend lots of time doing gimmicky exercises!  (Sometimes this is worse than ineffective – they can be downright DANGEROUS)

You only get one pair of knees . . . .


Training outdoors is ace. Sun out, a fresh wind, and some simple tools can make for an awesome training session. Picking heavy stuff up really separates the men from the boys – check the sandbag here

Pete Cohen ‘the weight loss guru’ is a funny guy. His happiness rating system had me at 79% happy!

Kids need more athleticism and less sport specific training.  Oh…………………and less computer games and junk food.

If you are looking for a personal trainer to help you get in shape, check that they are in shape!

When Im not teaching aerobics – I help people lose weight!

Toxins are everywhere – do your best to keep them out of your body.

Money doesn’t make you happy – some people are so happy and have so little.  Focus on what is important to YOU.

Step classes are for women – men doing step  just looks wrong!

Trainers that go on and on about whatever aerobics class getting them ripped muscles, actually built those muscles in the gym first.  What does this mean? If you re weak and de-conditioned – you had better be doing more lifting and less prancing around!

I’ve done a great job designing my Bootcamp training methods for fat loss and work capacity. My Bootcamp is complete as it doesn’t just focus on press ups and shuttle runs. By all means, do this in the park now and then……but without balancing the work around the shoulder – you will inevitably end up with shoulder pain.   Just watch how many classes (and possibly personal training sessions are unbalanced next time you re in one.

Lots of bench pressing? Check. Lots of Press ups? Check. No pull ups? Check. Shoulder pain? Check!!!!!


I could go on and on.  Sometimes you just need reminding of what you know…………..and sometimes you just need a group setting to have the confidence to take action.   Bootcamper Vicky reported positive measurements this week (Check out her words here)  She took the plunge in january and hasnt looked back.  Other Bootcampers are stronger, fitter………..and can now cope with exercises that were extremely tough in the beginning. 

You get out what you put in.


Til next time.








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