How Are You Fuelling Your Passion And Making Yourself Happy?

Hey up!

I’ve been MEGA BUSY this last 4 days spending 3 of them in sunny Loughborough at the annual FitPro Spring Convention, and the other preparing for some big things for John Cammish Personal Training clients.  At the Fitpro conference,  there were loads of world class coaches, imparting their knowledge, educating and inspiring many fitness professionals to help more and more people.  For for a glimpse of the action – click here ———>

Today I want you to ask yourself a couple of questions. The questions are:

What am I doing to make me happy? Can I do more of it? Can I do it better?

In a sea of blue – you can be the happy one!

The reason I ask, is that we all spend a lot of time doing stuff that probably just eats up time, and nearly everyone of us can say “I wish I had a bit more time so I could ____(Fill in the blank)_____ . 

I made this mistake as I neglected my guitar time over the past few years. I made the conscious decision the past 2 years to spend some time just jamming – as it relaxes me and makes me happy.  Sure, I still would LIKE to get more guitar time in – the main thing is I am getting more than I was – and I can tell I am far happier for it. 


What makes you happy? Do a little more of it.

Can you do it better?  If I wanted to increase my ability at guitar I would knuckle down and try to learn some new songs, riffs, solos etc.  At the moment, I just want enjoyment so I am happy to just ‘play!’ 

Lesson learned? Doing something better does not only mean doing something ‘harder’.  

Aswell, this weekend at the conference, we trained bootcamp-style…………..IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS.  Its unreal how much training outside can feel with the sun out, a light breeze and a group of other like-minded individuals.  IT’S ACE!!!

We cranked some  energy at last nights Bootcamp – it was good to get back into the swing of things with my Bootcampers. Hard bursts, done with effective programming.

If you havent tried circuits outdoors – you're missing out!

*Please note,  I believe a run now and then can be beneficial…………..but it doesnt compare to the intensity of a properly created fat loss circuit.  This morning I saw a woman ‘running’…………..I think she could easily have walked at the same pace she was going. I really do think this can be doing more harm than good. (Why not just walk?)


There you have it. 

Ask yourself some important questions, and do something about it.  You might have to sacrifice something………….but if its worth it then surely that’s a no-brainer investment opportunity.


PS Keep your eyes and ears tuned in over the next couple of weeks.  There are some things I am bringing to the plate that will help you take your happiness through fitness to the next level. Watch your emails.  Not a member of the website?   You had better click here  ———->






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