Nuts Make You Fat?! Are You Nuts?!


A really quick blog post today as I got some pretty big things going on right now. I still make time to write for you all as I know its important because you can get a lot out of it.  I always get some exercise done each week – because its important…..and the time spent will be an investment and help me in the weeks, months, years to come.

One of the many benefits of regular exercise is staying lean


A common question

I must have had heard this statement at least a hundred times.


“Nuts have a load of fat in them, so are fattening…..aren’t they?”



This goes right along with…..

“Carrots should be avoided because they have a high glycemic index…don’t they?”

It’s funny because both statements both have some truth in them……………..but really are false!

Yes Nuts have a high amount of fat in them, and so have a high number of calories.  This does not mean they are bad!!!  I discussed this at length in my article “The Calorie Conundrum” . You can read it by clicking here.

If it was this simple – I think we would know by now

Fat has been demonised by many, when it shouldn’t be.  If it has come from a natural food, (IE not man-made) then it has a high chance of being useful to you. That doesnt mean that everything natural is good for you either by the way!  The point I am making is that we all know, nuts will be better than chocolate biscuits as a snack on your fat loss journey. Get your fat from nuts, seeds, eggs, fish.

In fact Walnuts have just been praised recently ——–> Walnuts are healthiest says Scientist

I like walnuts, but prefer almonds.  But why only have either???  Our society tends to label things as good or bad – or better or worse.  Its sad but will probably always be the case. I will still be eating different types of nuts when I need to snack.

Oh, and as for the 2nd statement:  NO ONE GOT FAT JUST EATING CARROTS! 

So there you have it.  Eat more walnuts, carrots, and other nuts and vegetables if you want to lose some fat before your holidays.  By the way, I would start now – like I said 2 weeks ago in the blog post Dont forget to plan! (click to read)


PS  Hope you remembered to put your clocks forward!  Now the sunny evenings are in full force – the Monday night Bootcamps will be outdoor for the summer. Click here to check the dates for April   ———->

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