Don’t Forget to Plan – And Don’t Leave it Too Late!


Hope you’re having a good week so far (I know theres still a few days left!)   March seems to have flown as we re only half way through – so I hope you’re knocking down those goals you set during December.  By the way,  I hope you’ve either smashed your new years resolution fitness goals – as Its often about this time that people are giving up and leaving it another 8-9 months to get re-motivated again.

Don’t be that person.


Today I just wanted to highlight one or two of my pet peeves.  Training without a plan – and relating to planning……… not leave it loo late!

I hate lateness in general, (I think 90% of the time you can be on time – and if not – then your schedule is either too full or you cant manage!)

With lateness relating to fitness………….the body you want in 2-3 months, will often be from the training that is going on RIGHT NOW!  Yes, you can strip fat quicker than building muscle – so if you already have some lean muscle……….you will be better off.   If you are new to training………….or new to training with resistance (barbells, dumbells etc)… better get some muscle building work done – or else you’re going to have nothing to work with when you come to get that extra bit of lean-ness.  I can’t remember who said it off the top of my head – “You can’t make much of a statue without a stone to carve.” 

So, when is it you are looking to look your best for?  You have a holiday in August?  Better get knuckling down by May. 

Even earlier? You should be starting about now and cranking it big time P-R-E-T-T-Y    S-O-O-N.    If you’re right on the ball you should be a few short weeks from looking your best all year round.

So, this was just a reminder to not leave things too late – as time really is flying by! I’ve been REALLY busy today doing non-fitness things, but it will seriously help me help lots of people this year and for years to come when it comes off. 

Stay on time…..and if something is going to get in the way – don’t  take it on………….or realise that something will be compromised!!!

You know it pays to plan ahead.  Don’t be a dingbat!!


PS Spring is here and Bootcamps are buzzing like a swarm of bees!  There are only 3 places left on Saturdays Bootcamp for the next 2 weeks, and to be honest april looks like it will be just as full – fancy a free trial session? Email me at   🙂






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