The Biggest Loser – What Did We Learn?


Hope everythings great with you right now.

A season of the biggest loser brought millions of viewers flocking – including me.  The pinnacle came last night, with Contestant Wil losing a massive  8 and a half stone!! 

He went from 24 stone 7 lbs to 16 stone which is pretty amazing.



So……….what exactly did we learn from the Biggest Loser?

 That whatever weight you decide to change your body – you can.  Check out Google and search for any of the contestants just to see how much different they look (I think Paddy, Wil, and Claire made the most dramatic change – possibly in that order.)

You can be ‘fat and fit.’   I tell my clients this alot, and that old routine of ‘doing 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 15 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes on the rower – will just not get you lean.  The Biggest loser showed various challenges which FORCED the contestants to push through what they thought they could not do.

You’re body will out-wit you……… you need to strive to make it change.  Don’t be a wuss.

As harsh as that sounds – its true.  Also, completing a marathon when a couple of stone overweight is not the brightest thing to do. 

Good thing thats a suit!

Great sesnse of achievement? Yes

Great stress on your ankles, knees and hips? Yes

Back to the biggest loser – what else did we learn from the biggest loser? 

 That you can probably work harder than you think.  A few episodes in – each participant went up something like 600 stairs.  Hull Royal infirmary is probably about 400?  It would be difficult for an athlete to make it up 600 steps (ok, they would do it fairly quicker), but give an athlete a back pack with 5-10 stone and watch them try it.  

You would be very surprised at how much the human body can do when pushed.  Just look at what they do in the army / navy etc.


The Biggest loser is a gameshow – and you should not expect these results in the real world. *  (Check out my message at the bottom to see otherwise)

The Contestants had food on tap (the right foods that is), and were constantly thinking about what was needed of them.  It has been said that the contestants were doing 4 hours of exercise a day (maybe even more?!!)  You arent going to give that much time of your life to exercise around a job and family and your personal life…………so stick to high-return decisions with food being the most important – and aim for 3-5 hours exercise per week if you can…..and if not – dont worry about it and do what you can.


Just watching the programme last night – it was just great to see them all so freaking happy!  Happiness is not found at the bottom of pringles or a pizza box or a beer bottle…….its from what you do with your life, and if you can feel proud of what you have achieved – be it losing weight, raising a healthy moral family, creating a successful business, or helping out with the community……..


If not, then make the change – only you can do it.


Don’t be afraid to START NOW, and dont be afraid to PUSH YOURSELF HARDER THAN YOU HAVE IN THE PAST.

By the way, Im talking about all those other things as well as healthy living and exercise.



PS while we are on the the biggest loser topic……..contestants lost between about 10-30% or over 21 weeks or so??  This was on a 28-hour exercise week and a whole environment supporting weight loss at every turn.   You might have seen Andrea’s story by now (Click here to read) – she lost 5 stone in 24 weeks!!!    Guess what?  This represents a massive      26.92% in 24 weeks     on 3-5 hours a week of exercise and holding down a full time job and keeping the family duties rolling as clockwork.   Andrea probably would have come 3rd or 4th!  Well Done Andrea!!  (And the best part?  Andrea is still looking great nearly 3 years ago since her first steps to looking and feeling her best)   🙂

So do not say “I can’t do it”

I HATE it when people say that……………….when other people have shown it to be more than possible.






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