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Nuts Make You Fat?! Are You Nuts?!


A really quick blog post today as I got some pretty big things going on right now. I still make time to write for you all as I know its important because you can get a lot out of it.  I always get some exercise done each week – because its important…..and the time spent will be an investment and help me in the weeks, months, years to come.

One of the many benefits of regular exercise is staying lean


A common question

I must have had heard this statement at least a hundred times.


“Nuts have a load of fat in them, so are fattening…..aren’t they?”



This goes right along with…..

“Carrots should be avoided because they have a high glycemic index…don’t they?”

It’s funny because both statements both have some truth in them……………..but really are false!

Yes Nuts have a high amount of fat in them, and so have a high number of calories.  This does not mean they are bad!!!  I discussed this at length in my article “The Calorie Conundrum” . You can read it by clicking here.

If it was this simple - I think we would know by now

Fat has been demonised by many, when it shouldn’t be.  If it has come from a natural food, (IE not man-made) then it has a high chance of being useful to you. That doesnt mean that everything natural is good for you either by the way!  The point I am making is that we all know, nuts will be better than chocolate biscuits as a snack on your fat loss journey. Get your fat from nuts, seeds, eggs, fish.

In fact Walnuts have just been praised recently ——–> Walnuts are healthiest says Scientist

I like walnuts, but prefer almonds.  But why only have either???  Our society tends to label things as good or bad – or better or worse.  Its sad but will probably always be the case. I will still be eating different types of nuts when I need to snack.

Oh, and as for the 2nd statement:  NO ONE GOT FAT JUST EATING CARROTS! 

So there you have it.  Eat more walnuts, carrots, and other nuts and vegetables if you want to lose some fat before your holidays.  By the way, I would start now – like I said 2 weeks ago in the blog post Dont forget to plan! (click to read)


PS  Hope you remembered to put your clocks forward!  Now the sunny evenings are in full force – the Monday night Bootcamps will be outdoor for the summer. Click here to check the dates for April   ———->

By the way there is only 2 places left…..

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Get a 2nd Opinion! (With good Joke)

Hey ,

I got a really good joke forwarded to me the other day from one of my clients who really keeps on top of things while being super busy. It’s a decent joke – but guess what?

It had a really really important message (maybe twice as much to the guys reading this!)



Here it is:
The doctor said, ‘Joe, the good news is I can cure your headaches. The bad news is that it will require castration. 

You have a very rare condition, which causes your testicles to press on your spine and the pressure creates one heck of a headache. The only way to relieve the pressure is to remove the testicles.’ 

Joe was shocked and depressed. He wondered if he had anything to live for. He had no choice but to go under the knife. When he left the hospital, he was without a headache for the first time in 20 years, but he felt like he was missing an important part of himself. As he walked down the street, he realized that he felt like a different person. He could make a new beginning and live a new life.

He saw a men’s clothing store and thought, ‘That’s what I need… A new suit.’

He entered the shop and told the salesman, ‘I’d like a new suit.’

The elderly tailor eyed him briefly and said, ‘Let’s see… size 44 long.’

Joe laughed, ‘That’s right, how did you know?’

‘Been in the business 60 years!’ the tailor said.

Joe tried on the suit it fit perfectly.

As Joe admired himself in the mirror, the salesman asked, ‘How about a new shirt?’

Joe thought for a moment and then said, ‘Sure.’

The salesman eyed Joe and said, ‘Let’s see, 34 sleeves and 16-1/2 neck.’

Joe was surprised, ‘That’s right, how did you know?’

‘Been in the business 60 years.’

Joe tried on the shirt and it fit perfectly. 

Joe walked comfortably around the shop and the salesman asked, ‘How about some new underwear?’

Joe thought for a moment and said, ‘Sure.’

The salesman said, ‘Let’s see… size 38.

Joe laughed, ‘Ah ha! I got you! I’ve worn a size 34 since I was 18 years old.’

The salesman shook his head, ‘You can’t wear a size 34. A size 34 would press your testicles up against the base of your spine and give you one heck of a headache.’

moral of the story is




New suit – $400
New shirt – $36
New underwear – $6
Second Opinion – PRICELESS 


What did we learn from this?   ALWAYS CHECK OUT THE ALTERNATIVE!  If you only think there is one way to do something – then you will think that forever unless you start looking.

Its amazing that still we find better ways to do things – some people have been doing them for years!  For instance, some people (some you might look upto) – still live in the past when it comes to exercise and nutrition. I have always stated  that when choosing a personal trainer, you should ask for a free consultation (most usually do this for free), and make notes.

Then, go see another one.

Yes, I know this will take longer………….but do you really want to be that guy from the story above?

I didnt think so.

Think about that this week – and don’t always take the first option.

Our Bootcamp is getting  great results – both for first time exercisers and those that have tried other exercise classes in Hull.  Click the picture to view our bootcamp:


Have a great week,

John Cammish

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Don’t Forget to Plan – And Don’t Leave it Too Late!


Hope you’re having a good week so far (I know theres still a few days left!)   March seems to have flown as we re only half way through – so I hope you’re knocking down those goals you set during December.  By the way,  I hope you’ve either smashed your new years resolution fitness goals – as Its often about this time that people are giving up and leaving it another 8-9 months to get re-motivated again.

Don’t be that person.


Today I just wanted to highlight one or two of my pet peeves.  Training without a plan – and relating to planning……… not leave it loo late!

I hate lateness in general, (I think 90% of the time you can be on time – and if not – then your schedule is either too full or you cant manage!)

With lateness relating to fitness………….the body you want in 2-3 months, will often be from the training that is going on RIGHT NOW!  Yes, you can strip fat quicker than building muscle – so if you already have some lean muscle……….you will be better off.   If you are new to training………….or new to training with resistance (barbells, dumbells etc)… better get some muscle building work done – or else you’re going to have nothing to work with when you come to get that extra bit of lean-ness.  I can’t remember who said it off the top of my head – “You can’t make much of a statue without a stone to carve.” 

So, when is it you are looking to look your best for?  You have a holiday in August?  Better get knuckling down by May. 

Even earlier? You should be starting about now and cranking it big time P-R-E-T-T-Y    S-O-O-N.    If you’re right on the ball you should be a few short weeks from looking your best all year round.

So, this was just a reminder to not leave things too late – as time really is flying by! I’ve been REALLY busy today doing non-fitness things, but it will seriously help me help lots of people this year and for years to come when it comes off. 

Stay on time…..and if something is going to get in the way – don’t  take it on………….or realise that something will be compromised!!!

You know it pays to plan ahead.  Don’t be a dingbat!!


PS Spring is here and Bootcamps are buzzing like a swarm of bees!  There are only 3 places left on Saturdays Bootcamp for the next 2 weeks, and to be honest april looks like it will be just as full – fancy a free trial session? Email me at   🙂

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The Group Factor


Hope you had a top weekend.  I had a rrrrrrreal good one!  Liverpool wumped Man utd 3-1, with Suarez looking awesome and the team as a whole, played like a team and went for the attack whenever possible.  (Being too defensive has been a problem of late you might know) .  


Aswell, one of my best mates Steve was cast as an extra in the film ‘Ironclad’ which is out now.  

The film was ok (not usually my thing) but  he played a gladiatior-soldier role and was just totally ace seeing him on the big screen! 

Today I just wanted to highlight the importance of training in groups.  On Saturday, we had another rip-roaring session, ending with some hardcore sledding after some strength work and a lighter circuit.


We had 10 Bootcampers all working hard which made for a great atmosphere…….pushing each bootcamper a little harder than they would have on their own.

Have you ever had that feeling where you simply don’t feel like training……………and if you do still exercise (many just give up)……….you drop the intensity level, or the number of sets or increase the amount of rest you take?  It’s not a bad thing by the way!  I have these feelings too! 


Training with a friend / in a group

Training with someone else will really push you.  Whether it is simply to show up, whether it is to keep the weight heavy or the speed high, or to jump into the next set even though you’re struggling. 

You KNOW that sometimes that PUSH will do you the world of good and take you to YOUR NEXT LEVEL.

So this week my message is simple:   Come try out Bootcamp…………..or find a friend or someone to exercise with.  By the way, It doesnt have to be someone you know!  Why not ask someone in the gym whos your size and shape to ‘work-in’ on a couple of sets.  

If you train in a busy commercial gym – theres usually only a few bits of ‘great’ equipment (power cage, pull up bar, dips bars,……even benches!)… get both your training sessions in within the same time….and push each other that little bit more!

You never know – it might just end up being a great training session…..and the start of your new found LEVEL of motivation.

Help one another out!!!

Aswell,  you might be thinking that all group classes are created equal. Like going to an aerobics class will get you in tip-top shape….

Do I think thats a good idea? Well, it depends on your situation doesnt it?????

 If you’re new to exercise, or just coming off a program that had very little cardiovascular work – you might benefit for a while.  (If you’re highly trained you ll benefit from maybe a few weeks max though).  If you re new to exercise then an aerobics class might keep you progressing for a few months.  Whats the problem with aerobics?  Find out the pro’s and con’s here ——->

In a nutshell, they’re not intense enough, and they don’t often change the parameters. That is – the workload, for example the sets, the reps, the load used, the rest between exercises. 

How do you expect to get better when the stimulus stays the same (or roughly the same) ??

In fact – check out this 2006 study, where it found that in nearly 13,000   runnners (doing aerobic exercise as it happens)…they actually gained weight throughout their running years.  The researchers put this down to age – and suggested that runners need to actually do more as they get older…….The effects of changing exercise levels on weight and age-related weight gain

I have a much more simple solution for you.  Stop trying to do more aerobic exercise, grab a heavy object (barbell, dumbells, sandbag, sled) and get moving.

Check this sandbag vid out – a few have tried this at bootcamp and been shown a lesson about being tough! 

—->(Click the pic to watch the vid!!!!)

I tell my clients and bootcampers often – you ve either got to do it harder….or do more.   Seen as though I ( and no doubt you too?) don’t want to be training night and day every day – Just choose the first one!

Oh yeah………

 I mentioned in last weeks blog post about The Biggest Loser competition, and also Andrea losing 26.92% of her bodyweight in 24 weeks on a 3-5 hours of exercise per week.  The biggest loser contestants train in a group.   Coincidence?  Nope.

 We know that they get better results training together.  Andrea trained with her sister for 90% of the time she was trying to lose a serious amount of weight.  Coincidence?  I’ll let you decide.



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The Biggest Loser – What Did We Learn?


Hope everythings great with you right now.

A season of the biggest loser brought millions of viewers flocking – including me.  The pinnacle came last night, with Contestant Wil losing a massive  8 and a half stone!! 

He went from 24 stone 7 lbs to 16 stone which is pretty amazing.



So……….what exactly did we learn from the Biggest Loser?

 That whatever weight you decide to change your body – you can.  Check out Google and search for any of the contestants just to see how much different they look (I think Paddy, Wil, and Claire made the most dramatic change – possibly in that order.)

You can be ‘fat and fit.’   I tell my clients this alot, and that old routine of ‘doing 10 minutes on the cross trainer, 15 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the bike and 5 minutes on the rower – will just not get you lean.  The Biggest loser showed various challenges which FORCED the contestants to push through what they thought they could not do.

You’re body will out-wit you……… you need to strive to make it change.  Don’t be a wuss.

As harsh as that sounds – its true.  Also, completing a marathon when a couple of stone overweight is not the brightest thing to do. 

Good thing thats a suit!

Great sesnse of achievement? Yes

Great stress on your ankles, knees and hips? Yes

Back to the biggest loser – what else did we learn from the biggest loser? 

 That you can probably work harder than you think.  A few episodes in – each participant went up something like 600 stairs.  Hull Royal infirmary is probably about 400?  It would be difficult for an athlete to make it up 600 steps (ok, they would do it fairly quicker), but give an athlete a back pack with 5-10 stone and watch them try it.  

You would be very surprised at how much the human body can do when pushed.  Just look at what they do in the army / navy etc.


The Biggest loser is a gameshow – and you should not expect these results in the real world. *  (Check out my message at the bottom to see otherwise)

The Contestants had food on tap (the right foods that is), and were constantly thinking about what was needed of them.  It has been said that the contestants were doing 4 hours of exercise a day (maybe even more?!!)  You arent going to give that much time of your life to exercise around a job and family and your personal life…………so stick to high-return decisions with food being the most important – and aim for 3-5 hours exercise per week if you can…..and if not – dont worry about it and do what you can.


Just watching the programme last night – it was just great to see them all so freaking happy!  Happiness is not found at the bottom of pringles or a pizza box or a beer bottle…….its from what you do with your life, and if you can feel proud of what you have achieved – be it losing weight, raising a healthy moral family, creating a successful business, or helping out with the community……..


If not, then make the change – only you can do it.


Don’t be afraid to START NOW, and dont be afraid to PUSH YOURSELF HARDER THAN YOU HAVE IN THE PAST.

By the way, Im talking about all those other things as well as healthy living and exercise.



PS while we are on the the biggest loser topic……..contestants lost between about 10-30% or over 21 weeks or so??  This was on a 28-hour exercise week and a whole environment supporting weight loss at every turn.   You might have seen Andrea’s story by now (Click here to read) – she lost 5 stone in 24 weeks!!!    Guess what?  This represents a massive      26.92% in 24 weeks     on 3-5 hours a week of exercise and holding down a full time job and keeping the family duties rolling as clockwork.   Andrea probably would have come 3rd or 4th!  Well Done Andrea!!  (And the best part?  Andrea is still looking great nearly 3 years ago since her first steps to looking and feeling her best)   🙂

So do not say “I can’t do it”

I HATE it when people say that……………….when other people have shown it to be more than possible.

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