In the headlines!


I was reading through some headlines over the past week and a few struck a chord with me.

Want to play some Hard Rock? Better learn some power chords!

The following stories were: (CLICK EACH TO READ)

1) Cholesterol – ‘poor stroke marker’

2) Stretching does not stop injuries

3) ‘Pedal while work’ idea raised

Let me dissect them one by one:

1) Cholesterol – ‘poor stroke marker’

You may or may not know it – but I have said a few times in the past few years that I am not a fan of reducing cholesterol through medication…….if you can help it.  If you are already on cholesterol lowering medication – that’s another concept altogether.  I do genuinely think that the saturated fat-cardiovascular heart disease concept it flawed, and has shown in many studies over.

Why do I say this?  Because there are many studies of tribes that show high levels of cholesterol with no presence of CHD.  (Cardiovascular Heart Disease). 

I have mentioned that triglycerides COULD  be a more important factor……and the headline this week came up with a similar argument. It did say that there was a link to men, but cholesterol was twice the recommended limit.


2) Stretching does not stop injuries

I have not been a fan of stretching muscles before exercise because,

1) Studies have shown it can reduce the power output of the muscle being stretched

2) Stretching is a relatively simple task – and my clients hire me to advise on the more difficult aspects of losing weight.

However, I will note that stretching is not the same as mobility work.

I also think that stretching before exercise may provide more benefits to those with poor posture.  For example, if you have very tight hamstrings, it may be wise to stretch them as it may help some lifts done in the session……………even at the expense of some power output.  Check out the hip flexor stretch below:



Most people need to be doing this than not.


3) ‘Pedal while work’ idea raised

What is this idea? Please, please tell me ……………..WHAT WILL THIS ACHIEVE?!

Im not sure if this is supposed to be actually while working,  or if its just having cycling stations at work.  

You’re telling me that when I go in to see my bank about a business loan or some business advice about various accounts I’m going to have to watch him or her squirm and sweat to try and keep his legs going at above 70 RPM?!!!!!

WE ARE NOT GOOD AT MULTI-TASKING.   Us men too (I know you women reading this may say otherwise)  😉

Even if this is something that is done in a lunch hour – its nowhere near the intensity needed to keep fat off, and burn into those fat stores already there.  20 mins casual cycling will not benefit the average person that is overweight…..especially with no dietary intervention.

I believe that society needs to radically re-think the way things are done, including hourly rates.   Im sure many many people would get their workload done sooner if it meant they could get off home early.  Wouldnt you?

Im sure that if people had more flexibility and opportunity to work harder and leave work early they would.  The question then is……….

Would people choose to exercise with their free time?  Or would they find ANOTHER soap to watch. ANOTHER reality TV show.

Maybe if they finished their workload earlier they could be allowed gym access? Or would that be a punishment to some?????

I think in the report it stated that the novelty factor wore off after a few days anyway. Which again, you need variety in an exercise programme. CYCLING ON THE SPOT = BORING

You might enjoy stationary cycling….Me? I find it Boring. Get outdoors!

Thats my rant for the day…..(maybe week!)…..but I think this idea is bizarre.

 Maybe I will come up with the solution when I have calmed down!

Oh yeah while you’re reading,   Check out Vicky’s words on how her  Bootcamp Experience is going.  Vicky’s been coming to Bootcamp just over 3 weeks and has lost over 10lbs and a dress size.  She kills it at bootcamp and work hard on her food behaviours outside and is seeing the results.  Long may it continue!


PS  Did you see The Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods?   Irish hottie Zoe Salmon played guinea pig and only ate Weight Watcher foods for a month.

   She gained 3lbs, struggled to s**t and generally FELT LIKE S**T!

 Check it on Iplayer right now because it may soon disappear.  —->  The Big Fat Truth about Low Fat Foods






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