Happy Valentines – Have your treat and enjoy it

Hey, I hope you had an enjoyable weekend, and had maybe a treat or 2 due to Valentines day.

Me? I had to struggle to get out my door because of all the bloody post yesterday!!!! 😉

Did you Struggle to get out of your front door Monday Morning?!


The Guilt Thing

Its interesting that people often feel guilty when saying about chocolates, biscuits, cakes etc.  I had a couple of matchmaker things yesterday!  I don’t feel guilty about it because I rarely eat chocolate anyway – and Im sure It wasnt the end of the world if I had some today –  as my training has been more than intense the past 10 days or so. 

I have been doing some really volume-heavy days and Squats on a Sunday – It was not the day of rest!!  I  found it a little hard walking around yesterday!

It was a bit similar to feelings after my QUICK BOXING DAY 2 x 20 SQUAT TRAINING SESSION (Click to watch)

So today I’m not going to give you some top fat burning tips, or some exciting news on the best way to change your body shape.  Im going to tell you not to feel guilty.

If you are making progress – then you are making progress. 

YOU and ONLY YOU know whether you have a treat now and then, or if a treat becomes a regular snack.

Usually the proof is in the mirror:

Don't delude yourself like Homer . . . !

Have a great rest of the week and work extra hard if what you’re seeing is not what you want.


PS  Saturday’s Bootcamp was one of the wettest in a long time.  The last time it was this wet – I wrote about it Here  (Click to read ) in the summer months…… and also about 18 months ago Chris and Lee turned out to pull  a really heavy sled (Click to watch)…..which the lads pulled again on Saturday – with the ladies alongside them also giving it some oomph.






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