You KNOW You Should be Doing This

I was in the gym the other day, busting a nasty high-volume arms session, when a girl I know was asking about program design, AKA the question that every individual on the planet whats to know  :

 “What should I do for……(insert either  fat loss / smaller bingo wings / more muscle bigger arms….you get the idea)    …….?”

Full Bodyweight = arms!

It really is question on everyones lips, and is more than complicated.

For instance, even through my 3-year intensive studying of many research studies and experiments – I do not know how your body will exactly react!  Yes, I have studied what foods seem to work better for faster and healthier fat loss……………as opposed to the diet plans that I have watched in detail over the past 2-3 weeks.

Will My Crash Diet Kill Me?    Click here to read / watch:                                       

Any crash diet is not the best Idea – but even some of them are just normal diets?!!  One guy last week lost a stone in a week or 2?  But it turned out all he did was stop drinking alcohol and eat plenty of meat and veg. Sounds like a good diet to me!  (REAL FOOD MINUS THE SH*T!!!!)   Those liquid diets are simply a bad idea – especially over a longer period of time.  

 Even if supplementing with good fats, amino acids etc…..its not a long term solution.

(I don’t know about you – but I think the clue is in the title of the program, nudge nudgewink wink).

I have studied what works for FAT loss  (not just weight loss) and I can tell you that a program involving weights, be it dumbells, barbells, medicine balls, bodyweight – is no substitute.  If you think that leaving resistance programming out of your program for a few months will help you – think again! 

  Strength and muscle take more time than fitness to earn

This has been demonstrated in so many clients that I have hardly changed my principles on program design in years!  Yes new cthigns come to light, but the principles are still going strong!!   Who isnt a man of princliples?  🙂   Click here to read what people are saying!

Much like you probably thought – I cannot predict the future

Where one program can shed oodles of fat from one body ……another body might reactly differently. It might be stubborn, it may even put a little more muscle on (not always a bad thing!)

Only You will know how your body reacts.

So record your workouts – like I explained in this article “Are you prepared to work intensely?” – If you are serious about changing your body shape you really really need to be doing this.

I am now off to train a client and then train myself straight away –  so I can allow a good 8-10 hours before my football match tonight.  

Time to get in, work hard, and get out!

Have a top week – you know where to find me for any questions  🙂







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