You should be well into full swing of your training¬†after xmas – you’ve probably had more than enough time off! ūüėČ

Homer forgot that doing more exercise was his new year resolution

You might have seen some TV over the past 2 weeks, such as The Fattest Man in Britain and The Biggest Loser Рa Weight Loss competition-Reality-TV-Show . This is actually one of my clients favourite programmes, and makes for entertaining  TV!

Anyway, I have written a full article for you to check out, make notes, criticise, agree with………….do what you want!¬† The article highlights

a) 3 reasons why contestants lose so much weight compared to you  (apart from last night maybe!!!) 

b) Why it’s not real-world help

c) The dangerous things they do on he show 

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE ” The Biggest Loser – Who actually wins?¬†”

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PS Torres out and Suarez and Carroll in for Liverpool?¬† Should be different, but 2 class strikers could be better than 1¬† ūüôā