KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid!

You ever heard of that acronym?  Its unbelievably powerful that you will find it works in many forms of life.  They were decent rock band too!  Im not too down with it on the make up and fancy get up though!


Want to get leaner?
Then number one must be cutting down your high energy foods, and creating some intense exercise sessions. If you’re deciding whether you should be doing stright bicep curls or hammer curls………….you are wasting time even thinking about it!  Put this time to good use, blast out another minute of higher intensity exercise than you re accustomed to – or prepare your meals for the next couple of days.

Homer didnt think about food choices when trying to get lean…..

Tomorrow, I am making a massive batch of stew………….this keeps me eating the right foods even when I am pressed for time coaching clients (along with some fruit and nuts for in between!)  If I dont eat every 3 hours I feel like a cannibal.

Do you want to get stronger? 

Then stop worrying about tricep kickbacks and the 7 abdominal exercises you’re doing and focus on adding weight to the bar.  How else will your body respond?

Do you want to get bigger and stronger?  Focus on adding weight to the bar on big exercises

Dont know what the big exercises are? 

Take your pick:



Pull Ups / chin ups

Shoulder Presses / push presses


Strongman work – Sleds, Farmer walks and more!

It’s surprising that with all the information we have – we get ‘paralysis by analysis’.  The grass always looks greener on the other side… it a new training program, a new crash diet,  or some other new fad.   The bottom line is that success takes hard work – so take heed and treasure this advice:

“Jack of all trades – Master of none”

Remember that, next time you want to train several exercises going ‘through the motions.’   Bust your guts on a few time-and-tested exercises, be compliant with your diet (being honest) and you will reap the rewards you deserve.

Peace out!






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