A Very Busy Health Week!


Just a quick one today, I know it’s no excuse but last week was a super busy week, with the following just a snapshot of what has gone on in the past week……take note if you’re thinking of becoming a personal trainer in Hull!     🙂

1. Every weekday morning – up at 5.30am for clients…….and a top fat burning Bootcamp on Saturday 🙂      Gotta love the sled for some lactic acid build up!  This week we introduced a new way to make things harder for the strong lads – some tough SUPER-THICK GRIP WORK!

Does a Thicker grip make an exercise harder? Try it and you will find out.

2. A day of Fitness Presentations on Friday…………4 x 90 minute fitness presentations to be exact! Yep you read that right.   If anyone saw my Facebook status on Friday night…………….I SALUTE ALL YOU TEACHERS for speaking and teaching for so many hours all day!  While a lot of fun – I am glad I became a health professional!  

Speaking of fitness seminars – I will be doing a talk this Saturday (22nd January) at the Village Hotel in Hull, so if you’re around there – book in for some free info.   Its a bit unorganised at the moment – but I believe I will be presenting between 10.30am-12 or so for around 30 mins or so.  I think there is time to run over til 12.30pm – but people like you might have some questions about fat loss……….or you might just want to meet me if you’ve been following the site for a bit.  Check your inbox over the next few days and I will let you know when I know .

3. The busiest month of January coupled with a few different locations such as the Village gym, a room with a simple set up of weights, and the field on Pickering park ………and sessions ranging from 6.30am to as last as 8pm.  If you want to become a personal trainer – its not your regular 9 to 5 job! Like I said about teaching, I wouldnt swap training enthusiastic clients reaching their goals and having fun for anything else.

4. I managed to sneak in a coffee with a Bootcamper after some appointments this morning – It can be a bit of an odd feeling having tie off in the middle of the day as opposed to post-5pm…….If you re not used to it.


Again, Check your inbox over the next few days for the info. 








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