Your 3 Favourite Fitness Blog Moments Of 2010


Hope you’re not copying what everybody else in the gym is doing – because 99 times out of 100 – it will leave you tired, weak,  and your body looking  like the food pyramid.

EATING like the food pyramid? 9 times out of 10 – you LOOK LIKE the food pyramid!

On with your Favourite Fitness Blog Posts Of 2010……

# 3     Judging by the popularity of the JC personal trainer Blog posts, in at number 3…..

My holiday video of me trying to keep up with some world-class gymnasts. ( These dudes were seriously athletic, strong, and agile.) I’m not gonna lie – I think if I tried to copy the backwards somersault I would have spent the rest of the holiday lying down……hospital or no hospital! (CLICK TO SEE THIS FITNESS POST AGAIN!)

#2 The JC Bootcamps have really come on this year, with Saturday being another top training session.  We had some heavy lifting to stay strong, some metabolic conditioning circuit training and both heavy and lighter sled drags.  Farmers walks also added to the mix made for some calories burned, and a guilt free saturday breakfast!


Your Favorite Fitness Blog post of 2010……..

#1 The amount of muscle in ‘The Expendables’ (also with some funny videos of Terry Crews)

(click here to check it out – if you didnt already!)

 If You see anyone doing that in the gym, I think you have the right to hit them upside the head – or shake their hand for getting some laughs!


So to sum up what we learned in 2010,

1)  Gymnasts are lean and ripped…..


2)  Bootcamp beats your nampy pampy aerobics classes……what is going to add more muscle and burn more fat – a chin up or a bicep curl with a really really low weight?

Rich mans up with some pull ups – not a 4kg bicep curl

3) and Terry Crews is a badass!


Thats all for this week – keep it heavy, keep it real, and push your boundaries.


PS If you want to read an article called ” Training for muscle” – Click Here to check it out   🙂






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