11 Exercise And Life Tips For A Great 2011

Hey Hope you had an excellent Xmas and a happy new year.  As a top personal trainer at the Village gym, I expect it to be packed like Christmas turkeys over the January evenings.  Watch out! 

In todays blog post, you’re going to get 11 tips on what I think will help you enjoy your life a bit more.

We had a top Bootcamp with 7 Bootcampers last night, and I’m expecting the same and maybe more for Saturday.  Will you be there?  Email me for a FREE TRIAL SESSION by clicking here.

My 11 Tips for a Better New Year

1.  Don’t OBSESS! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and a pound here or there is neither the end of the world, nor is it going to turn your life around.
It is the habits that make or break success. Jeff Olson puts it very well “A pizza wont kill you – but a pizza every day just might.”

If you want to be in yiour best shape – don't have this EVERY day


2.  Try something different.  Are you STILL doing that SAME routine? STILL seeing next-to -no results (unless you compare it with doing pretty much NOTHING.)
If you’ve always done heavy weights – why not go for some bodyweight training or some conditioning intervals? If you ve never picked up something heavy – TRY IT OUT!
Variety is the spice of life!

Just use it

3. There is NO MAGIC FAT LOSS PROGRAM! My strength and fat loss advice does not change (unless I hear of repeatedly successful strategies, or witness things in my own clients progress).
You need to continually strive to improve – and when you feel you cannot improve anymore – change it up! Like I said many moons ago in THIS ARTICLE right HERE (Click).

4. Measure what you should be measuring.  If you want to look better – take photos.  The scale can be a tremendous liar due to muscle, water, salt, sleep – a number of things! If you want to add some muscle, maybe you should be looking at adding weight to bar – not simply tiring yourself out.  If you’re interested in getting in top condition – you should be trying to cut the rest you have – just like we do in a progressive manner in the Fat Loss Bootcamp on Monday nights and Saturday mornings.

5. Train somewhere else.   Get outdoors. Train in your bedroom. One of my clients took me to another gym on a guest pass just before Xmas.  A change in environment will open your eyes to a new world of possibilities.  I have actually started a new strength program, and I will be training 3 times a week at home so I can go heavy on Squats, Deadlifts and Power Cleans. 

6. Test yourself once in a while. The stop watch never lies. Like I said before, If you are wanting to get in top condition you should definitely be monitoring how long you rest.

7. Train with a friend.  You KNOW that you train a lot better with someone alongside you.  You KNOW that if someone is there you wont miss that training session.  You KNOW it makes sense.  I often train 2 clients at a time – so if you and a friend are looking to get started together, and seriously help each other out –  do not hesitate to call email or text me. You snooze…………you lose.  By the way – here is some research showing WHY you should train with others (click) – and yet ANOTHER REASON to come for a free trial at Bootcamp this Saturday or next Monday.

8.   LEARN. Read, listen to and watch things that will improve your knowledge and stimulate your brain – rather than sh**ty soaps with the same storylines from yesteryear re-hashed to the same ‘re-hashed-but-different-name’ characters.  You will be surprised how much time you will free up to do more worthwhile things. Hey, if you do learn about something – you might get passionate about something you never even knew existed. I myself am aiming to play more guitar with my friends (got more guitar playing in last year – as I mentioned in last years top tips article POST HERE), and also, I am aiming to read a book a month.  Already halfway through one – get in!  

9.  Laugh and Sing more.  Come on,  a good wet-your-pants-style laugh is probably one of the best things ever!  Open up more and try to catch the joke in there somewhere – there usually is one. 

Also – The BBC report Singing is shown to ‘increase heart rate and get blood pumping’ …..and  even class as ‘gentle exercise?’ (CLICK)  Im not too sure about that one……but needless to say, a good old sing song will definitely make you feel better.

Christina might have got some boys to increase their heart rate and blood flow on X factor

10. Much like number 3 (There is NO MAGIC FAT LOSS PROGRAM!) – Forget about quick fixes.

No magic diet, powder, or pill is going to solve your problems…….and forking out for quick fixes only lines the pockets of the quick-fix hustler who helped get us into this mess.

Instead – why not invest in making healthy life changes for the long haul? You know that you are not alone. You are not a bad, weak, lazy or doomed person—you’re just up against some tough opponents. It may require developing new skills, strategies and perspectives. It might mean connecting with new support systems and role models.
All this takes time and awareness and a willingness to experiment. And there’s no better time to start than now.
11. This leaves me to my final tip.
Learn from someone that is better than you at what you want to improve on.
This does not have to be exercise related.  You might want to learn how to change a car wheel!  Ask your dad or someone who can show you.  You might want to learn how to speak spanish………so talk to someone who can or at the very least –  get searching on Google for spanish-related stuff.  Its amazing how afraid people are to ask for help when – more often than not – it wasn’t a problem for them, and it might even have made them feel good they could help you out. If you know someone who could use your help – then give them a hand!
If you are trying to do something alone……..it will be 10 times harder without a nudge in the right direction.
PS  Just seen that ‘The Biggest Loser’ is on TV next week………….I often get asked how they can lose so much weight so fast.   It is because the stimulus of any exercise will produce results.
And how do they lose so much weight?  Because they exercise something like 8 hours a day – 6 days a week!!!!   If you havent already – Check out Andrea’s story……she lost around 7 stone exercising 3-4 days a week!  How did she change her shape so well?  Because she lost FAT and not muscle – by training with weights.  She also stuck to the foods that enabled her to lose more fat and and stuck to the program I gave her. She did this and retained muscle as much as possible.   My advice for ANYONE…….DO NOT NEGLECT WEIGHTS!!!






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