Squat To Burn Fat…. To Add Muscle…To Prevent Knee Injuries….


I hope you had a totally rockin’ Xmas, and have loads of family and friends for company for some laughs and good times.

I have written a little recently at how I tend to add more volume to my training sessions in an aid to combat all the extra food that goes on at Xmas.  I have told my clients this – and to try and squeeze every last bit of effort into training – and not being too concerned about missing the odd training session and to get back on it in January. 

Today I wanted to highlight the benefits of Squats, and even show you a video of me doing a 20-rep Set of Deep Squats, just before a boxing day feast with my girlfriends family.

Why do I say to squat deep?  Well, if your flexibility allows you to squat below parallel, there are a number of benefits you can read about in my first article HERE (click).

Why squat in the first place?  The following is not a comprehensive list, but just a snippet….

  1. The leg and hip muscles are the largest in the body, and must be used to maximise fat loss
  2. Squats are relatively simple to learn, and for most people easy to do.
  3. They can require no equipment, and you can make them more difficult by varying the range, the tempo, the foot position, etc before adding the loaded variable.
  4. Squats are a must for improving athletic performance (along with single leg work)
  5. Want to run fast?  Learn to explode fast by squatting explosively.
  6. Want to throw far?  Learning to drive heavy forces through the legs will transfer well to athletic throwing events.
  7. Squatting below parallel will give you bulletproof knees. It is rarely training exercises that mess up knees – more a lack of training and then the injury occurs in a sporting mactch or sport-related training environment.

     Just ask Michael Owen.  Maybe if he strengthened his legs to work different areas he might just have had less time on the injury table and more time scoring goals.

Owens career disappeared and no one was even around him when he went down . . .

        8. Squats are badass when it comes to building thick powerful sexy legs.  Whats that?  You’re still wearing tracksuit bottoms in summer?

        9. I mentioned in reason #1 that squats will maximise fat loss.  If you’re trying to lose the xmas beer belly, you had best be using squats or lunges in your program – and though higher reps can be BRUTAL – they will help you in the long run.

       10.  Speaking of brutal……deep squats will let you know how much you move around for days on end. (I would like to say that deep squats should only be done if your flexibility can allow.)  I am still aching now, and I worked some heavy deep squats up to 100kg for 5’s and then hit 2 sets of 20 . 

Check out the vid. . . . . (Click it – opens in Youtube)

If you can – Squat Deep.

Damn! Just seeing that video made me realise…… Turns out I did 21 reps ………….. and that means 1 rep too many. 

Still, would you rather do one more,………or one less? 😉

Smash it up in your training sessions,  BRING ON THE NEW YEAR!


John Cammish Personal Training

PS  Bootcamp is back Monday the 3rd January.  Mark that date on your new calender that you got from Santa.  It is now pay-by-the month only.  £25 for once a week, £50 for twice per week.   What fits you and your schedule?  Monday nights 6.30pm and Saturday Mornings 8am.  NOT for the faint-hearted………






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