Last Minute Xmas Gift – Weight Loss Article, Training Session, Bootcamp Session


Xmas has seemed to come early this year!  Not that I got some early xmas presents…….it’s just that Xmas has sneaked up on all of us a bit quicker than expected!

Santa moped free weight loss articles

I am just finishing my Christmas shopping today, and have had requests for Personal Training Vouchers and Bootcamp Vouchers recently.   If you are stuck for an idea, or you hear “I really need to lose some weight in the new year” (or something similar), don’t hesitate to take action and help your friend or colleague out.

Today, I thought I would highlight some of blog posts and articles that you may have missed this year – and if you want to help a friend lose some weight – send them the link!

Christmas Bootcamp

It’s been bitterly cold these past few weeks, and we cracked on with the Outdoor Bootcamp classes as best we could.  I didnt bring a camera this year – but here is a quick video from last years Last Bootcamp of 2009. (CLICK HERE!)

Its good to talk (and ask questions)

A young lad asked me a good question about an exercise on Saturday, in reference to what area the exercise worked.  It turned out he was taking the tension off his abs through a slight difference in execution of the exercise.  Im sure he is glad he asked – many others wouldn’t – and what have you got to lose?   2 personal trainers several months ago were discussing training for strength vs training for size.  I gave them my take on it: (CLICK HERE!) 

International Rugby

how to get quicker and stronger

Its been about a year since Mags gave her top testimonial of how I helped her get into the Women’s England Rugby Union Team. Mags had the talent, and motivation……she just needed to channel her efforts to one productive end result.  (CLICK HERE TO RE-READ HER RISE THROUGH THE RANKS!)

Halloween Sugar Special!

Halloween provides fun for all, however it does have its fair share of sweets!  Here is a Sugar Special Blog Post that might make you think twice about eating some everyday food and drinks. (CLICK HERE TO RE-READ  – AND SEE LAST YEARS HALLOWEEN COSTUME PICS!)

So there you have it, Some top Info to read over the next few days while you ‘re trying to look busy to your boss at work.  😉

Remember, if you are a bit stuck for ideas –  Personal Training Vouchers and Bootcamp Vouchers could be your ticket to a different present.  Take action as theres not long to go!


 Have an Ace Christmas!

John Cammish






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