Party Season Pitfalls (Weight Loss Tips Over Xmas)

In December 2009, I was asked to contribute to Womens Fitness Magazine, for Issue 70 last year. They wanted some tips on how to lose weight or maintain bodyweight – what with all of the xmas parties and extra eating that goes on.

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These are ever so simple tips, and they might just help you avoid the weight gain that often accompanies the Xmas period. A few simple tips – If you want to read it in all it’s Womens Fitness Magazine glory you can click the 3 subsequent thumbnails below:

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As a personal trainer in Hull, where the rates of obesity are often reported higher than average (CLICK HERE FOR SOME STATS!) – I know the problems everyone faces………..even me!

1. Buffets!

2. The Work Xmas Party!

3. Alcohol!

4. The Christmas Day feast!

……..And that’s not all! Because it’s the festive season, there is a massive lack of time because of all the last-minute shopping! No food in the supermarkets because everyone is panicking that…..OH! (GASP!) We wont be able to buy food for……….. ONE….WHOLE….DAY!!

Time is pressed but I know you too can help keep the weight gain off this year. Even with maybe less training sessions, you could make your sessions volume heavy – and you wont feel guilty about the extra festivities.

The article was only a quote of the full Questions and Answers article I wrote a while ago – you can READ MY FULL ORIGINAL ARTICLE in the members Articles section HERE – (This was written a couple of years back – and the habits still work….IF YOU WORK THEM!

Not a member? 

You’d better click here and sign up for free weight loss tips to beat the dreaded holiday weight gain. (And let your friends and family know of the article too)

Hope you have a good week, last week was pretty manic I know – but if you let obstacles get in your way, you have to knock em down!


PS  I believe it’s the X factor final this Saturday?  Do you remember what happened last year?  Click here to read my take on X factor, Simon Cowell, and how you too can have the power to ‘RAGE AGAINST WHAT SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE!’ (Click here for the 2009 old…………….but still good……blog post)

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