447 emails and the Body of a Gymnast

Good Afternoon!

I’m glad you tuned in to the John Cammish Personal trainer blog……I’m back in Hull after being away in 30+ degree Tenerife! I thought the Village Leisure Club Gym was a little empty when I got back – maybe its the weather!

Water Park in Tenerife

Anyway, you might be wondering why the obscure blog title “447 emails and the Body of a Gymnast,” and how it relates at all to losing weight, or changing your lifestyle.

First off, when I returned, first thing on my mind was the rocking Bootcamp we did on Saturday……….High Intensity ab and Leg work made some strong legs 🙂

At around 11am, I managed to check my business account email for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, and I had 447 emails in my inbox!   Yes, a few of these where business related emails regarding Personal Training sessions and the Indoor and outdoor Bootcamps……..but the other 400 or so were trackbacks and spam from spammers with their ads about casino’s, viagra and selling gold!   Turns out my website is a valued platform to advertise.  I will be sorting this quickly and to be honest – I don’t think any of my members need any of those services……………….I hope.

Secondly, While I was away on holiday (which had amazing hotel, amazing people, amazing food,)  there was a show on every night………………..and one night a team of 4 acrobats totally blew the crowd away with both their physiques and their athletic skill. At the end of the article is a clip of me on stage with one of them 🙂

I have always said that gymnasts show totally amazing upper body development…………..and this was highlighted in Britains got talent one year (was it this year or the last?  I lose track of all these talent shows!)  Check out the gymnastic act below:

Anyways, These guys in Tenerife were TOTALLY ASTONISHING. They Flipped, they somersaulted backwards and forwards, some close combat and were funny with it too.  Is it any wonder that these guys had such good upper body development………after all……..they must spend a great deal of time walking on their hands!   The Ab wheel (that’s featured in many of the Bootcamps) is a tremendous tool for building upper body strength and improving core stabilisation.  Some of the guys and one brave female client of mine have done multiple wheel barrow sets for distance, and have felt their abs more than ever!

Anways heres that clip of one of the acrobats……..we re doing a ‘me-go………you-go’ style.   Watch til the end!

(If having problems to view – watch on you tube by clicking here)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks update,







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