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Are your friends making you fat?

Today I have 3 questions and possible answers to help you out. 

The Questions:

1. Are your friends making you fat?

2. Are the physical education lessons in schools contributing to the rising level of childhood obesity?

3. I want to lose weight more so than ever in the coming year – is it possible? And is it very expensive?

I will address the first question first!

1. Are your friends making you fat? Are you making your friends fat?  The clip below is not 20 minutes long………But I strongly advise you to watch it and have a think.

Is Fat contagious?


You decide for yourself.

2. Are the physical education lessons in schools contributing to the rising level of childhood obesity?

You may have heard me on KCFM on Monday, I was interviewed about the recent BBC news report, stating that “children don’t have enough of a challenging workout.” (Click here to read the BBC Report)

While KCFM only gave snippets of the interview, I made some points I believe are valid…….that political correctness has gone mad and we need to encourage more competition in schools and in general.  I feel we have become a nation where anyone and everyone gets sued, and there are claims and counter claims everywhere (or you would think, if you tried anything remotely risky).   I am talking about letting kids be kids!  Let kids learn to tumble and take a fall – because thats how they learn.  We should be encouraging games that lead to them lunging, squatting and twisting (anyone remember scarecrow tig? Or stick in the mud?)  I remember Stick in the Mud getting banned at my Primary school when I was about 11 – kids were getting grazed knees………………because we werent allowed on the grass………duuuuuhhhhhhhh. (!)

Kids want to win!  I was reading a paper at the weekend, and it was England and Spurs’ own Jermaine Defoe who said he kept on playing football because he wanted to score more goals!  It feels good! 

On top of the games I spoke about, I believe its worth noting that children who are obese are more likely to have health problems such as joint pain, and an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease. Thats just the physical problems – eating disorders, a lack of confidence, increased liklihood of bullying………..need I go on?

The snippets cut didnt really give the full story, but I was basically saying that both parents and schools need to examine the foods their kids eat, and the activities their kids are doing.

Only by changing these 2 rather large variable are we going to see any change.   Oh – and if you wanted to know…….obesity in children has tripled in both 6-11 year olds and 12-17 year olds.

3. I want to lose weight more so than ever in the coming year – is it possible? And is it very expensive?

 A lot of people think that I only do 1-on-1 personal training.  I also have people train together – because it makes for better results.  If you were to try and lose fat………….can you imagine your best friend being there and helping you get to the gym / park / field / at home………..and making sure you are both on track?   It would help a ton!  Can you imagine your best friend has just had a party weekend, and doesn’t feel like Monday mornings training session?  You would be motivating them because you want to help you both.

Some of the best results from my clients have come from them training with a close friend, relative or spouse.  I do everything I can for my clients (even outside of sessions!)……but you are going to speak your friends more than you are your trainer (usually).  Even on facebook, you will be arranging training sessions, organising meals that are conducive to your weight loss goals etc.  I have clients who lose weight together, for around 25% less than,  when they train 1-on-1. 

25% less, and more chance of success from the added social support. Sounds like win-win to me.  Aswell, the Bootcamps have been rocking the past few months, that some weeks it has been at full capacity!  While Bootcamps are not tailored to you individually, you get expert guidance, a social support network and a gut busting training session for the price of a few beers. 

Have you got one friend or relative who feels the same as you?  Someone who is committed to improve the way they look and feel?  If you can………they might just become the best friend you ever had.

Now make sure re-watch that video, and send it to all of your friends………….I have watched it twice now and it still amazes me how powerfully true it is.


PS People are snapping up Gift Vouchers to give to their friends and family as christmas presents.  Drop me an email at if you’re interested 🙂

PPS If you want the results summary of the study that found a multivitamin decreased the chance of a heart attack in women by a massive 27% – email me.  The study was quite big…..if you think that 31,671 women over a 10 year time period is quite significant 😉

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Are You Sat on the Fence? Tax the FAT !!!


I’ve had a really busy week last week training clients straight back from Tenerife, but managed to get to watch Panorama from last Monday. The subject?  TAX THE FAT.

The Question:

Does this……………. 


Lead to this??????

If you didnt see the Panorama episode………… can catch a clip here, if you’re strapped for time.

The idea was that adding tax to high fat and sugar foods would discourage many of us from eating them – and thus making us healthier as a nation.  After all – we are getting bigger (Heres the NHS report on my media page).  Recently, I was featured on a local Radio station – because statistics had come out that people in East Yorkshire were one of the least active people in the UK.

The idea came about due to high taxes on cigarettes leading to reduced sales – and a reduction in the number of lung cancer cases.  (You could argue this may well be due to the public smoking ban……. after all – smoking is seen by my smoking friends as a social thing).

It does seem like a good plan, if the profits generated lead to healthier food being made cheaper……………I would love to be able to eat healthy for less!  But like my cat Max below, I am sat on the fence………and I would like to know where you stand on this subject.

Just like Max – I too am unsure of the next right move . . .


I myself, think this is NOT THE TRUE SOLUTION…………………as clearly the wealthier will hardly be affected………………..when it is the poorer that spend a greater percentage of their income on food already. I think that people, if they can’t afford chocolate, cakes etc…………… may think “Well I cant afford it… Im going to miss dinner so I can have chocolate…………………or I will not buy that meat and vegatables and buy more chocolate as I want it more!”

However, I do think something needs to be done……….and some people need to look at what they are putting into their bodies.

After all a wise man once said:

“You dig your grave with your teeth”


One way to avoid this? Don’t eat s**t every day and maybe brush your teeth regularly.

Anyway, What I want to know is WHAT DO YOU THINK? Do you think an increase in the cost of high fat/high sugar food would help? Do you think that healthy food should be subsidised? Do you think it’s a bad idea and that people simply need to cut dowm themselves – and can do it – by themselves?


Until til next time……Have a good week.


PS  People are snapping up christmas presents earlier than ever – it would seem!  If you know a gym-fanatic who is needing some new thinking – or even a new workout program for a month or more………Bootcamp Gift Vouchers could be a well-thought out Xmas present

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447 emails and the Body of a Gymnast

Good Afternoon!

I’m glad you tuned in to the John Cammish Personal trainer blog……I’m back in Hull after being away in 30+ degree Tenerife! I thought the Village Leisure Club Gym was a little empty when I got back – maybe its the weather!

Water Park in Tenerife

Anyway, you might be wondering why the obscure blog title “447 emails and the Body of a Gymnast,” and how it relates at all to losing weight, or changing your lifestyle.

First off, when I returned, first thing on my mind was the rocking Bootcamp we did on Saturday……….High Intensity ab and Leg work made some strong legs 🙂

At around 11am, I managed to check my business account email for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, and I had 447 emails in my inbox!   Yes, a few of these where business related emails regarding Personal Training sessions and the Indoor and outdoor Bootcamps……..but the other 400 or so were trackbacks and spam from spammers with their ads about casino’s, viagra and selling gold!   Turns out my website is a valued platform to advertise.  I will be sorting this quickly and to be honest – I don’t think any of my members need any of those services……………….I hope.

Secondly, While I was away on holiday (which had amazing hotel, amazing people, amazing food,)  there was a show on every night………………..and one night a team of 4 acrobats totally blew the crowd away with both their physiques and their athletic skill. At the end of the article is a clip of me on stage with one of them 🙂

I have always said that gymnasts show totally amazing upper body development…………..and this was highlighted in Britains got talent one year (was it this year or the last?  I lose track of all these talent shows!)  Check out the gymnastic act below:

Anyways, These guys in Tenerife were TOTALLY ASTONISHING. They Flipped, they somersaulted backwards and forwards, some close combat and were funny with it too.  Is it any wonder that these guys had such good upper body development………after all……..they must spend a great deal of time walking on their hands!   The Ab wheel (that’s featured in many of the Bootcamps) is a tremendous tool for building upper body strength and improving core stabilisation.  Some of the guys and one brave female client of mine have done multiple wheel barrow sets for distance, and have felt their abs more than ever!

Anways heres that clip of one of the acrobats……..we re doing a ‘me-go………you-go’ style.   Watch til the end!

(If having problems to view – watch on you tube by clicking here)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks update,


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