Who Else Wants To Halloween it up? (Sugar Special!)


I really really hope you’re having a top week – and maybe some of you are looking forward to a fun Halloween weekend? 🙂

Whether it’s the scare factor, the sweets, or the treats – it provides an opportunity for people of all ages to let loose and have a bit of fun. 

This week, (as its quite topical, sweets for trick-or-treats) I wanted to just re-itterate the dangers of too much sugar, and let you in on some interesting pictures.

Sugar, while we all KNOW it’s not good for us…….we still chop it down in massive amounts. 


Check the pics below.

One of my tips for my clients trying to lose weight (specifically body fat) in and around Hull and East Yorkshire (Hessle, Brough, North Ferriby, Swanland, Anlaby, Willerby area etc.) is a simple one:

Don’t drink liquid sugar! 

Often, I get asked about sports drinks etc.  Basically, the more overweight you are – the less you will need them! Around exercise they could (notice the italics) be beneficial……but my honest approach would be that you simply do not need them if you are trying to lose fat.  Athletes who use them (or maybe just endorse them) may not even need them.

And if you’re sat at your desk at work………..then you definitely don’t need them!

Check out this article : How much sugar do you really eat?   (One of the stats said that obese people tend to underestimate their sugar consumption………is that a clue of what not to do?)   While the article is very simple in terms of its advice………I particularly like the mention of diabetes – because I personally think more of us are pre-diabetic than we know.  Aswell, even though the article seems simple – its obvious stuff that we are NOT doing.

So what are you going to do about it?  This weekend – Are you going to reach for the sweets that kids and grown ups love it so?? !!

Yeah………………..you know the ones. 

On the subject of Halloween, I hope you celebrate in some way.  Heres some pics from last year where I went to the party as the Incredible Hulk! 

The Hulk steals someone elses beard and shades.


That green stuff took some hot water and intense scrubbing to get off!

Watch in the coming weeks for more photos from this years Halloween!

Have a good one……………..we will be having a Bootcamp this Saturday morning 8am. 

Last week we hit some heavy ab work, deadlift variations, lunges and various pressing and pulling.  Some clients have been feeling the benefit in their bums and legs no end!  😉

Have a good week,


PS  Anyone wanting a bit more information about healthier options etc.  should check out my article “The Calorie Conundrum” . If something obviously unhealthy is “low calorie goodness(!)”…….then you know full well that the food company has either:

a) Made the portion size smaller (Yes! Technically less calories!)

b) Taken some fat out, and replaced it with sugar (which is not a good thing……….as you probably know)

So check out “The Calorie Conundrum” and let me know what you think.   Oh and please send this on to anyone who eats/drinks any of the above!!!!






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