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Hope you’re doing well, and absolutely killing your exercise goals……………………………………….be it getting stronger, fitter, or just getting your bum in to a sexier pair of jeans!

Before todays post –

If you didn’t catch my radio appearance on BBC Radio Humberside on Thursday night, you can catch it on BBC iPlayer by clicking here. (Fast forward to around 2hrs 12 minutes)  This may disappear after 7 days though!
Today I wanted to focus on something I said in the interview…..that getting healthier and looking and feeling better is simple – but its not easy.

It amazes me sometimes, that people think they can run before they can walk. This is true with running as it is to real life! (People often start running, when they can barely walk for 20 mins at a brisk pace!)

If you are wanting to lose some weight, what would you think are the obvious choices? Would you say increasing activity levels?  Eat less bad quality food food? Eat better quality food?

bad diet food

“Not the ideal snack to fit into sexy jeans”

These may seem somewhat obvious to many of you reading this – but many think they can do steps 4 5 and 6……BEFORE THEY’VE DONE STEPS 1 2 AND 3!! They go head first into ‘getting in shape’ and train 6-7 days a week with some bodybuilders hardcore training program. They go hell-for-leather for 3 weeks and then they stop because they’re either:



c) Demotivated because the extra 30 hours of exercise has translated into very little in the way of results……..or no results at all.

You watch……….January is getting nearer, and this is what will happen in many gyms around the country. And it happens every year!

gym in january“January!” 
A better plan?

Would a better plan be “Do steps 1 2 and 3 first?” Ease into something you can actually do?! Hmmmmm!










I mentioned in the interview that the best program for you…….is the program you will ACTUALLY DO. I also mentioned many moons ago in this article (click) stating that increasing your exercise adherence will boost your results. (IE You actually DO THE PROGRAM……not say ” Yeah I’ve done my program 3 times this week……….when really you missed out those all important lunges in favour of extra set of abs or arm work, and instead of the rower – you did a set of abs…..and you forgot about the press ups, but its ok because you did so many abs! ……..Or, “Yeah I exercised 4 times this week”…….but really… just counted 4 times because you walked a lot this week)

When I see a client for the first time, I establish this is very important…….and if done properly can be LIFE-CHANGING. If it’s taken you 13 years to put on 4 stone……its not going to take 3 weeks to take it off again!


This body transformation didn’t happen overnight. It took a year of determination….


………………………..1 STEP AT A TIME.   (CLICK the pic to READ ANDREA’S Diary)

 What I’d like you to do this week is seriously ask yourself ………..”Am I really doing my program how I should……because if I’m not…..then it’s not the exercises or foods that are restricting me……it’s my reluctance to DO THE PROGRAM. And if I can’t stick to my program…..then its too hard….and is not a good program for me!

You just might be surprised at how much you do…..or don’t do!

Also, some people feel silly asking a PT for help. In Hull do we ever feel silly?! 😉   There is always someone who knows a bit more than you…………..those who have made the mistakes you might make…….and save you a lot of time and money. God(!) did anyone see the lose-weight-at-home gadget for me I posted a couple of months back?  Click here to see it (pretty funny!)

Anyway if you’re on the fence and worried about asking for help….the National Register for Personal Trainers (NRPT) is a great resource. Here you can find out whether you could benefit from some expert guidance on losing weight.  They even check that the trainers are fully qualified to train people like you, and make sure they are fully insured.  They echo my advice – that you should definitely seek out more than one trainer before you make any decision. 

Check it out by clicking the logo below:

 Register Personal Trainers Hull

Other News!

The Saturday morning Bootcamps have taken a new twist! 1 class will now run at 8am……..and this will be a Fat Loss Bootcamp for both men and women.  (Any men wanting to do strength work / strongman exercises will need to contact me directly for private sessions)

8am Saturday is an ideal time to train if you actually want to get stuff done on a Saturday.

Check out where the action takes place:


We have had 2 newcomers in the last week…………and Im sure if you had a taste, you might just like getting outdoors and working hard in the fresh air!

As always,  feel free to comment (you might need to click on the title of the blog post to open up the box) or drop me an email




PS  If you havent already told all of your friends about the free info on here…… send them that email to sign up now 😉






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