An Outdoor Fat loss Bootcamp for you women!


On Saturday in the Mens Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp, we rocked it BIG TIME. In fact, it made me realise that most people do have not even tried High intensity circuits and short rest periods.

Why haven’t they? 

Because the’re bloody rock hard…..and just happen to release a lot of the bodies natural GH that in turn burns a ton of body fat.


4 Strength exercises, 3 no-nonsense Warriors, 2 strongman exercises = 1 hell of a fat blast! 

The workout went a little something like this:

1) Deadlifts   3 x 8-12

2) Military Press   3 x 8-12

3) Walking Lunge  3 x 20

4) DB Rows  3 x 8-12


5a) Sled drag x 30-40 secs

5b) Farmers Walk x 30-40 secs

5c) REST! 

This final high intensity circuit or pairing at the end, I can only desribe as being totally merciless! Not only did we complete it……..we did it ALL THE WAY AROUND PICKERING PARK PLAYING FIELD!  This led to around 5 rounds each, and let me tell you – It is hard to replicate this kind of intensity.

In fact, YOU CANNOT replicate this kind of intensity without HEAVY weights.  Can you raise your metabolism on a piece of cardio? Yes……but you have to make every movement very explosive, so that force production is as HIGH AS POSSIBLE.   Using weights to deliver a high heart rate is a 2-pronged attack…….and lets face it……..if you want the most bang for your buck, a 2-pronged attack is better than 1!

" Hey….This didn't get me lean, but since Im getting paid for this ad…..I guess it did!

There is also the feeling that you have accomplished nothing when you are on that stationary piece of kit.  With a sled, or dumbells/farmers walk handles… know how much you have worked according to how far you have travelled.  Theres just something so caveman-like……when you lift and move heavy iron.

At halfway around the final circuit it was just feeling like I should be done, but we kept on til the end.  Jelly legs for about 10mins after, and a feeling of work in the upper back all through Sunday.

It’s funny, because I imagine a few people will look at that training session above, and think “well theres not a lot of there!…..I mean, theres only 12 sets of weights before the end bit.”

Any top strength coach will tell you that quality and intensity precede volume.    If you can do your 30,40, 50 set workouts…….then I am guessing there isn’t enough weight on the bar.








Coach Poliquin recommends for high intensity, and he’s coached over 16 Olympic medalists!

Aswell, there is a world of difference between getting clients or athletes knackered……..and improving their strength and work capacity.  Any chump can work you hard for an hour……..ask your best friend……I’m sure they will do a cracking job at getting you tired.  But can they improve your strength, Body composition and Work capacity in a safe, fun, and progressive way?

I forgot to mention that one of these Warriors on Saturday is just 15 years of age, and his upper body strength is going up week on week.


Saturday Outdoor Womens Bootcamp!!!!

Some of the Monday night Bootcamp Ladies have been asking for a Saturday morning Bootcamp for a while…….and I have thrown it down for October! 

USA Trainer Jen Heath advocates circuit training, and a fresh diet for her abs

 The dates are as follows:


Saturday 9th October 9am Pickering Park Fields

Saturday 16th October 9am Pickering Park Fields

Saturday 23rd October 9am Pickering Park Fields

Saturday 30th October 9am Pickering Park Fields

Here is where Pickering Park is:


Make no mistake, If you want to tone your thighs and bum – there is the sled that will definitely help you out!  Want toned arms?  We have suspended press ups and pull ups that we can modify to your ability level.  If you don’t know already……YOUR FIRST SESSION IS FREE!  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose JUST TO TRY IT. 

Pick up the phone, or keep doing what you’re doing……and getting the results you’re getting.

You afraid the change will do you good?  These 4 weeks could be just what you need  😉

See you Saturday,  Rain or Shine.




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