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Well done to you Great North Runners!

Hey just a quick post for me this morning.  Really busy morning doing more outdoor work with clients these past few weeks while the weathers almost perfect for outdoor exercise……Cold enough to keep cool while trying to get the metabolism as high as possible – for more fat burning potential throughout the day.  Aswell as some functional strength exercises – none of that  ‘shake weight’ crap I wrote about here!   (Click!)

I just wanted to give a big word up to all the people who participated in the Great North Run on Sunday.  I used to be a cross country runner and I remember the games your mind plays on you when your body is aching and you still have loads of miles to go! I know a few people at the Village gym (where I am mainly based) who were running on Sunday, Well done to you all! 

I mentioned a while ago (click) about my friend Jo Baynes running and raising money for cancer, she raised over £400! This was her goal at the start and again Big Thanks to all those who donated.  Here are her words from yesterday:

Hello all,
Thank you all so much for your sponsorship and as promised here are the photos from the big day!

I truely loved ever minute of it from the drizzly start, brightened of course by Ant and Dec, slapping hands with the thousands of people! To the miles of very heavy rain at mile 12 to the finish – I swear at one point it was so heavy I couldn’t actually see!
But it really is true what they say every year that the atmopshere is amazing!  Everyone was lovely from helping me over the railing into my section (don’t ask!) to the Cancer Research UK cheering bus that called my name and support as I was going around the route.
It was a rather tough course, but mainly because there were so many people a personal best was impossible so I just decided to enjoy myself and get to the end.
My offical time was 2.37, however according to my watch I ran an extra 2.5k so I’ll like 15 mins of my time please! Tee hee!

I really can’t tell you how grateful I am to each of you for helping me to support this wondeful charity – Thank you

Jo’s done really well, and I’m glad she had so much fun while doing some good too.  I’m off now to help a client in the wonderful outdoors too!


PS You might have noticed the nights becoming darker and darker recently. Next Monday (27th September) is the last Outdoor bootcamp on an evening. This makes sense, as the accident risk in the dark sky rockets. Don’t believe me?  I remember when I was 12, our footie keeper accidentally running in to a tree…..not good!    For those that prefer the indoors with some pumping tunes on an evening……………… October through to March are your months!  Click here for more

PPS My top client and pal Cat has revealed some positive words on my training and nutrition methods in the testimonials section of the site – Check them out………Cat used to think like 99% of the population about losing fatClick here to read Cats comments 

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Are you MAN Enough?…..Like these guys……

The other night I went to watch the action film to end all action films (It felt like I should’ve said ‘movie’ then, but I don’t want to sound all american!)……………………..

……The EXPENDABLES (Click for trailer).


While the plot was as expected from a Stallone film (Think ROCKY), the thrills and action was a mile-a-minute, with probably one 3-4 minute period in the film I can remember nothing being blown up, or someone having the living sh*t kicked out of them.

Anyway, You should see some of the physiques these guys have. You might’ve already seen Stallone ripped (see below) in his sixties, and his crew of expendable assassins was nothing short of SCARY. You would not like to meet anyone looking like this down the street on a dark night.

In my last post “Haha I thought I’d seen it all”, I mentioned that our culture seems to be that people want ‘the easy way out’ or they want it all for doing as little as possible. If you want to look as big and bad as these guys, you CANNOT AFFORD to take the easy way out.

The baddest looking dude I thought – was Terry Crews. Check out this pic – he used to be an american football player.


American football training is very similar to the training I coach on a Saturday morning at the Mens Strength and Condtitioning Bootcamp. We re talking Farmers walks that will build big thick forearms and traps ……..

We re talking chin ups and chin-up variations and tricep work that explodes arms like nothing else………

…..and  who could forget heavy deadlifts building a thick back.


I bet a few people are thinking ” Cammish….. Thats all fine and dandy, but I already do those things………I mean, I do a couple of lat pull downs, before my Spinning class! AND(!)……………… I do deadlifts in BODYPUMP!

I think you and I both know that these guys DO NOT do BODYPUMP, or spinning, and I want to tell you that you CANNOT FLEX BONE! If you want to look more muscular, you might have to reduce your cardio to add some BADASS MUSCLE!  If there is no muscle – getting leaner will not do you any more favours. I can tell you from coaching over 100 clients, and from my own personal experience in my own training – is that you will not get fat overnight from cutting some hours of cardio, and spending some time doing some chin ups, presses, squats and deadlifts…….and in fact this could be the best thing you could ever do.

Or, is it that you’re too scared?!!!

Now that summer is on the way out, and bigger clothes are coming back at this time of year…………maybe its time to stop all the p*ssying about and try to add some muscle?

Might be something to think about.

Anyway!!! A John Cammish Blog Post would not be complete without something funny to start your week off!

Check this p*ss funny Terry Crews exercise video, on EURO TRAINING………..and DON’T TRY THESE AT HOME…..OR THE GYM!

Take home points?

Terry Crews is funny AND massive.  

Get to work lifting heavy or go home.


John Cammish

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