Who knows best – on Fighting the Fat

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Have you been watching “Who Knows Best” (Channel 4)?  I think it’s a really interesting show – In a nutshell, it gets 2 experts of a given subject
(last weeks topic was unemployment managers, the week before it was child sleep experts), and each expert use their contrasting methods to solve a problem.

Well, last nights episode was on the big one………OBESITY.

Obesity is a big worry at the moment. You might have read my article the Calorie Conundrum, where I provided a link to a recent NHS report on obesity statistics.

You can get that by reading the calories article here (click), or go straight to the NHS report here (click).  You will need to be a member of the site to read the article
you can become a member for free by registering here (click).

Anyway back to the show. One bbesity expert was a psychopherapist who described her approach as ‘holistic.’  She used psychological talks, and talked to the person with the obesity problem…..helping them thorough it with mental techniques. 

The other expert was some gung-ho personal trainer, who believed that all obese people were lazy………..and used exercise and dietary tips to solve the problem. They both had 6 weeks to shed as much weight as they could off their respective participants.

I for one……..hope not.

The Results

The Personal trainer’s lady lost 22lbs.  The hypnotherapist’s lady lost 6lbs.

Pretty conclusive – do you agree?

The hypnotherapist argued that her method would have long-term benefits, and that the personal trainers method was only a quick-fix. He called bullsh*t, and that he won the challenge fair and square.

What annoyed me about the whole program though – was the attitude of the Personal Trainer. He was aggressive, swearing, unsympathetic, judgemental – all the things that fitness professionals like myself try to get away from!  I’m pretty sure it will have been hyped for TV, but nonetheless – This stereotype needs to die. 

From the program, I learned  things:

1. If the therapist had simply used some dietary and exercise modifications, she would have had a lot more success.

2. If the Personal trainer had put himself in his participants shoes and been a bit more sympathetic……he would have  got more success – and been a bit more liked!

3. There is more than one way to lose weight……..however diet and exercise remain top priorities.

Did you see the program?  What did you think? Did you think the therapist’s method would work longer term?

Please comment!


PS I managed to do my first leg resistance work as my ankle is up to bodyweight squats now. Good to get back into them!






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