I want your comments….on childhood obesity report cards

Hey, I really hope you’re having a good week so far – my ankle is still not good but getting a little better each day.  Had to turn down playing in a 5-a-side football tournament in September though ……..GUTTED!

I was scouring the net the other night and found a really interesting story.  It was about childhood obesity……..and that a school in America is sending out report cards telling their parents that their child is too fat, unfit etc.

Heres the news story:   Please read it!

—–> A Weighty Issue: Mass. Schools’ ‘Fat’ Report Cards Crossing the Line?


With Childhood obesity rates spiralling out of control (both over there and over here in the UK) I want to know what you think……..and I want you to leave a comment below!

1. Do you think this needs to be done? (As parents are not doing enough when it comes to what their child eats)

2. Do you think this is nothing to do with the school and that this is pure a family matter?

I think this is a very important matter, and whether or not this is right or wrong –  I would really like to hear your views.







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