What Rain?

After this month-long heatwave, we were obviously due some damp weather.  Last night was an understatement, and it poured down!


Did this lead to a cancelled Bootcamp?  

I think you know the answer.

We wrapped our straps around trees, made a sled run, and get the barbell and dumbells nearby.  This made for big-bang exercises that boost your metabolism like suspended push ups, recline rows, push press, walking lunges and some star jumps thrown in for good measure.  Of course we didn’t complete the training session without a big dose of 70kg  sled.

 The sled asks: Are you ready to train?


It’s interesting when you hear that people are surprised, and even shocked, at the thought of training in torrential rain.  Yet it’s ok for kids to play football or rugby  – but resistance training and conditioning?  You must be mad! – They say!

Afterwards, the bootcampers were a long time warm, and said they felt refreshed for coming down. I think some took it a bit wild on the sled the first time (You know who you are 😉 )

Today we had 2 more bootcamps and the ground was damp, and a lot more fun went down.  The first taste of the sled is always the best!  We also rocked the sandbag, which is always interesting.  (Did you see the sandbag video in the last post?  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT


Next week, I’m looking forward to more of the same.  Can’t wait.

Have good week,









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