Strength (and Sandbag) training in Hull

My mate Rich got aquainted with my good friend ‘The Sandbag’ on Tuesday.   He gave it a good dose of shouldering with the Men’s weighted bag and was surprised at how awkward it is!  1 or 2 clients have felt the wrath of the sandbag, and the bootcampers too. 

On Saturday in the Mens Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp, We all gave it a good beasting – testing our real-world strength out on the field.  It is a lot harder lifting a sandbag than a weighted barbell. 

You intrigued to what it looks like being used?  Check it out:

This dude made it look easy!   I don’t know how much is in there but when we load our sandbag up – It is a beast that won’t help you out one bit.

This is just one of the tools used in my Bootcamps, and provide a lot more fun and real-life work that will help you get stronger and leaner.  I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about power plates for muscle growth and fat loss? In my opinion, do they work?


I do think they could be good for older people that are prone to trips and falls, and in a rehabilitation setting – like I said 18 months ago in this Questions and Answers article.  

By the way – If you didn’t know, there are two new Bootcamp times for the next few weeks.   6.30am on a Tuesday, and again 9.30am on a Tuesday. Click here for the dates and tims of all Bootcamps.

Ring me on 07762772671 to book on Bootcamp – theres a lot of interest already and places are limited…………so don’t miss out!  You really have nothing to lose,  and everything to gain.







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