Do you exercise at 6.30am or 9.30am

Hey, Do you exercise at 6.30am or 9.30am? 

You're super busy so you train super early!

The reason I ask is because Tuesday 6th July is going to be FREE BOOTCAMP MORNING!  

2 top conditioning tools

Not 1 but 2(!), yes – 2 free outdoor exercise classes are going down at Pickering Park Playing Field 


First one for you early birds at 6.30am, and another for you who need your exercise kick a little later at 9.30am. Both are mixed for men and women, there is plenty of resistance to go around……………don’t for a minute think that you”ll be lifting 4kg for tricep kickbacks!

If you happen to exercise at one of these times and don’t give it a go – what can I say, you’ ll be missing out.

If you don’t know what goes down at the Bootcamps, below are some pics and a video!

Bootcamp Pics Page 1

Bootcamp Pics Page 2

Bootcamp video!(Mens)


It’s first come first served, so you need to email me (John Cammish) at, or contact me on 07762772671.


  • 6.30am
  • 9.30am         ………………..Where ya goin’ to be?


see you there!








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