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Football 0 – 1 Weight training

I reckon you’re guessing why the title of this blog post resembles a football score………….with football losing too.

Well, as I write this………..I have my left ankle jacked up on a stool with some cushions, with a large bag of frozen peas on top.  Yep, last night I snapped ankle ligaments…………..and I was playing football.

What has got me thinking though, is the fact that I have NEVER been injured from weight training (aside from a stupid bodypump class where I twisted quickly because a microphone wasn’t working properly).   Yes, I have been sore (haven’t we all), but never have I pulled muscles or strained cartilages or ligaments from a controlled weight lifting program.   

Notice I said Controlled.

I have had parents tell me that their children should not lift any weight at all, be it in a gym, a garage or at home.  They say it’s too dangerous and that they might get hurt.  What strikes me, is that it’s all very odd……this bias I mean.

Parents have no qualms about their little lad playing football, where there is over 1000 x greater risk of injury than in a controlled resistance program (see the stats below if you think I’m exagerating).  If you can imagine that a young lad of 12 might deadlift 10-15-20kg or so straight up and down, in a very controlled manner someone would claim “thats too much for his age….he’s only 12.”   Yet, no one will think twice about the same 12 year old involved in a football match with the possibility (or probability) of  another 40-50kg boy putting his weight on his knee / ankle / foot (insert other bodypart here). 

This is not simply ‘weight’ either………when that 40-50kg is put through a size 5 shoe, it will increase the overall pressure and therefore the overall damage.

This post is not against football, (or any sport for that matter), just a little thought provoking on my part about the risks involved of different activities. I will probably never give up my football!

In fact, check out these numbers on injury rates in different sports:

Sport Injuries (per 100 participation hours)

  • Schoolchild soccer 6.20
  • UK Rugby 1.92
  • South African Rugby 0.70
  • UK Basketball 1.03
  • USA Basketball 0.03
  • USA Athletics (Track) 0.57
  • UK Athletics 0.26
  • UK Cross-country 0.37
  • USA Cross-country 0.00
  • Fives 0.21
  • P.E. 0.18
  • Squash 0.10
  • USA Football 0.10
  • Badminton 0.05
  • USA Gymnastics 0.044
  • UK Tennis 0.07
  • USA Powerlifting 0.0027
  • USA Tennis 0.001
  • Rackets 0.03
  • USA Volleyball 0.0013
  • Weight Training 0.0035 (85,733 hrs)
  • Weightlifting 0.0017 (165,551 hrs)

So there you have it. Weightlifting is safe. If anyone who wants to tell you otherwise – send them to this page.

 Anyways, I’m back to change my frozen peas!


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What Rain?

After this month-long heatwave, we were obviously due some damp weather.  Last night was an understatement, and it poured down!


Did this lead to a cancelled Bootcamp?  

I think you know the answer.

We wrapped our straps around trees, made a sled run, and get the barbell and dumbells nearby.  This made for big-bang exercises that boost your metabolism like suspended push ups, recline rows, push press, walking lunges and some star jumps thrown in for good measure.  Of course we didn’t complete the training session without a big dose of 70kg  sled.

 The sled asks: Are you ready to train?


It’s interesting when you hear that people are surprised, and even shocked, at the thought of training in torrential rain.  Yet it’s ok for kids to play football or rugby  – but resistance training and conditioning?  You must be mad! – They say!

Afterwards, the bootcampers were a long time warm, and said they felt refreshed for coming down. I think some took it a bit wild on the sled the first time (You know who you are 😉 )

Today we had 2 more bootcamps and the ground was damp, and a lot more fun went down.  The first taste of the sled is always the best!  We also rocked the sandbag, which is always interesting.  (Did you see the sandbag video in the last post?  CLICK HERE TO SEE IT


Next week, I’m looking forward to more of the same.  Can’t wait.

Have good week,




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Strength (and Sandbag) training in Hull

My mate Rich got aquainted with my good friend ‘The Sandbag’ on Tuesday.   He gave it a good dose of shouldering with the Men’s weighted bag and was surprised at how awkward it is!  1 or 2 clients have felt the wrath of the sandbag, and the bootcampers too. 

On Saturday in the Mens Strength and Conditioning Bootcamp, We all gave it a good beasting – testing our real-world strength out on the field.  It is a lot harder lifting a sandbag than a weighted barbell. 

You intrigued to what it looks like being used?  Check it out:

This dude made it look easy!   I don’t know how much is in there but when we load our sandbag up – It is a beast that won’t help you out one bit.

This is just one of the tools used in my Bootcamps, and provide a lot more fun and real-life work that will help you get stronger and leaner.  I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about power plates for muscle growth and fat loss? In my opinion, do they work?


I do think they could be good for older people that are prone to trips and falls, and in a rehabilitation setting – like I said 18 months ago in this Questions and Answers article.  

By the way – If you didn’t know, there are two new Bootcamp times for the next few weeks.   6.30am on a Tuesday, and again 9.30am on a Tuesday. Click here for the dates and tims of all Bootcamps.

Ring me on 07762772671 to book on Bootcamp – theres a lot of interest already and places are limited…………so don’t miss out!  You really have nothing to lose,  and everything to gain.


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Do you exercise at 6.30am or 9.30am

Hey, Do you exercise at 6.30am or 9.30am? 

You're super busy so you train super early!

The reason I ask is because Tuesday 6th July is going to be FREE BOOTCAMP MORNING!  

2 top conditioning tools

Not 1 but 2(!), yes – 2 free outdoor exercise classes are going down at Pickering Park Playing Field 


First one for you early birds at 6.30am, and another for you who need your exercise kick a little later at 9.30am. Both are mixed for men and women, there is plenty of resistance to go around……………don’t for a minute think that you”ll be lifting 4kg for tricep kickbacks!

If you happen to exercise at one of these times and don’t give it a go – what can I say, you’ ll be missing out.

If you don’t know what goes down at the Bootcamps, below are some pics and a video!

Bootcamp Pics Page 1

Bootcamp Pics Page 2

Bootcamp video!(Mens)


It’s first come first served, so you need to email me (John Cammish) at, or contact me on 07762772671.


  • 6.30am
  • 9.30am         ………………..Where ya goin’ to be?


see you there!



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