Hey, I’ve just been training with the sled and sandbag this morning.  These two tools, combined with some pull ups, will have done wonders for my conditioning (which I need for my Football on a night!

So, what happened yesterday?


No doubt you saw it?  Another hapless England performance, another 4 years til the nation goes crazy again.

I thought i’d offer it up to discussion – what do YOU think went wrong?   Leave a comment below.

If you want my opinion, yes I think mr Capello didn’t make the right decisions in his system (4-4-2? Everyone knows how to play against that these days – and is a defensive and inflexible formation) and his tactics were way off (no Crouchy on, and when he did, he played for about 7 mins against Algeria). You don’t leave your most prolific goalscorer out when you need the goals. (CLICK HERE!)

The players were the ones at fault – but he put them on the pitch.  He always said “injured players won’t go to Africa.”  What happened? He made a big song and dance about having Gareth Barry there to protect the Centre-backs, who yesterday went AWOL.  Gerrard and Lampard playing in the same team, after what seems like 8 years of not being able to play alongside each other. Heskey?  Need I say more? If you say he does a good job for the team then Crouch does about the same – and bags you a load of goals.

I’m getting frustrated typing this now!

Leave your comments below!