Why Not Treat Yourself?

Hey,  I hope you didn’t miss me too much!  Bulgaria was ace, and I’m feeling re-charged, ready to hit the weights hard again, and am loving the world cup!  Shocker yesterday, Spain losing to Switzerland?  Who would have thought it. My bet is they come back with some goals in the rest of their group games.


I’ve only missed around 2 hours or so of the games, and I’m loving the 3-games-a-day setup.  Pity it only lasts for so long!  🙁  

Anyway, since I really want to see most of the games – guess what?   I am consciously working a lot harder at other times………………….just so that I can treat myself with some football!!  

What’s this got to do with you and your training?   Well, quite a lot.

Earn it, and really earn it

Do you sometimes miss a training session, or find yourself wolfing high-calorie snack foods because there’s nothing else around? Many will say ‘no,’  and claim they will make it up to themselves with some exercise or some healthier food ‘tomorrow.’    Almost like the whole credit-card thing…………..people spend what they don’t have, and then realise they didn’t just ‘spend’…………………they ‘over-spent!’   




It can be the same with food. You over-eat, and then again, and before you know it – you haven’t done what you said and ‘exercise tomorrow.’

One way of getting around this is making a treat for yourself – after you have done your task. 

What do you enjoy doing? Maybe it’s the football, sitting in the sunny garden……..or even indulging in a little treat or meal out!  Why not plan a treat specific to you and your plan.

You will:

  1. More than likely get it done – as there is an immediate reward
  2. You will more than likely get it done quicker because you’re not multi-tasking……..when it’s done – you get your reward.
  3. You won’t put off your important task ’til tomorrow’ (or whenever)  – if you do your taks you get your reward.   If you don’t ………You don’t!


If you’ll excuse me, I now have to write some programs before the Argentina game 🙂

Hope you’re supporting England tomorrow night, big game and I’m confident.






PS  Even though Heskey played well – I’d still have Crouchy on.   Same role,  better feet  😉







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