It seems more people are confused about exercise than I thought……

It seems more people are confused about exercise than I thought.


A few weeks ago, I was about to train client as usual.  A bloke told me some of the advice he received on fat loss and increasing stamina – and I shook my head in disbelief.

“Get on the cross trainer, and do 3 minutes forwards –  and then 3 minutes backwards a couple of times”   

 What a load of  s***e!    My mind was thinking – who has said this?  ……..I wont name names, but i will mention that it came from someone in fitness. It’s not another personal trainer, but it is someone who should know better than to give out advice when they do not know what they are talking about.

The man was then shown a protocol by myself using high intensity intervals.  (Hope it’s doing you well if you’re reading 🙂 !   )

By his own admission, he said he was told by someone who “doesnt look like he works out himself!”

This is exactly what is wrong with things today.  People are getting conned by people that are more interested in selling a non-negotiable 12 month contracts and boosting their chance of a bonus, when the people coming through the door are needing help.  (Click this link for more!)

 You have a better options than asking someone who has a vested interest in seeing you struggle by at the gym for months and months…..and makign sure you’re renewing your contract. 

Here a few tips

1. Go to an expert.  What have they done for people?  Have they addressed a problem for someone that you too might have?  If you’re overweight, look for someone who specialises in fat loss.  If you need to improve your speed, go to someone who has got people faster.   Get my drift?

2. See someone who looks good? Ask them what they do!  Unless they’re really busy, most people will give up 5 mins of their time to show you 1 or 2 exercises, and what to do. If you’re just starting out, you probably only need 4-5 exercises to start with anyway.   Hey, and this person can’t help you?  Copy them!

3. Read, read and read some more!  There is so much information out there now it’s untrue.  I even have my own article page right here ——>  ARTICLES PAGE

The only thing I would warn about is that there is a lot of crap out there too.  Learn to trust some sources that have worked for others(maybe friends you know?) and be open to trying different things.  Most new clients that come to me are still surprised when i discuss why the fat burning zone is a total myth, and has been promoted over and over – to help sell more gym memberships, and much much more.

On a much lighter note, I’m away tomorrow for a break away!


Bootcamp are moving outside for the summer! (And probably some hardcore ones outside in the winter!) 

Bootcamps starting again on Saturday June 12th for the men, and there will be mixed men and women sessions from June 14th 🙂

You can check the dates and venues for the mens bootcamps HERE and the mixed mens and womens bootcamps HERE

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