A rant! “Healthy Food is expensive”

I’m a little annoyed, like I am this time of every year – because now the football season has ended, and I really like my football!!  The thought of no Match of the day for a while upsets me!  Here in Hull, the mood is less than positive due to the amount of games lost – condemining Hull City to relegation.



Anyways I’m also a little annoyed because I keep hearing about people eating crap, and then excuses for doing so.

When it comes to fueling and feeding your body, what do you do? What do you put in?

Do you think that a chicken breast is better for you than some economy chicken nuggets? Do you disagree?  Is organic the only way forward?    

Have a think.


Many people will say that healthy food is simply “too expensive” and that they can’t afford to buy good food…..let alone organic etc etc.

I’d like to point out a few observations that I often see or hear about:

1. People with their expensive cars pulling up to cheap food takeaways.  Having a massive 50+ inch TV which you watch 3-4 hours a day – are these priorities right? Maybe if we didnt spend that much on these insignificant items we might feel a lot better.  We would be ‘able’ to afford high quality food, exercise a lot more…..and feel a hell of a lot better!

2. Drinking expensive fizzy drinks or alcohol when quality food like eggs cost less than £2 for 10-15. There is some serious quality protein in those eggs! Eggs are your friend!  Did you see my ‘easter eggs’ this easter? If not, click here to read the blog post.


3. The healthier you are, the less you will spend on prescription drugs. That means cut out or reduce the following: Cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, processed foods. Prevention is better than cure!

4.  You will simply feel better for doing so!  What’s the point of living life to feel crap most of the time? 

We work to be able to afford our lifestyle.  If you do have money……..can you not hire or delegate someone else to shop / clean / do whatever task needs to be done so that you can eat feel and live well???  If you’re living off a tight budget, what is honestly the best option you can buy?  Believe it or not – Vegetables are surprisingly cheaper than you think if you use your imagination when cooking or preparing meals.  I would even say that beans on toast is a far better meal than a greasy pizza or McDonald’s.

If you are feeling ‘sub-optimal’, it is most likely your food, your sleep and your exercise that are sub-optimal. You do want to feel (Optimal) your best right? 

Most people looking for a weight loss coach or health coach in the Hull area come to me for success, and these 3 things are key to you feeling better.  Yes there are different foods, different exercise types, models, etc etc. that work better than others, but until you start tweaking these three things, you will most likely feel the same as you always have! 


” Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting

different results. ”

                                                                                                                       Albert Einstein

Food has a bigger effect than exercise.  You know it makes sense. 


So next time you automatically stick something in your trolley….or your mouth….Have a think!


Oh, and I’ve cheered up because the world cup is here in 4 weeks! 







PS   If you didn’t already catch it – I wrote an article all about why calories are not a very accurate method of food quality in the members section here -> The calorie Conundrum

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