Adrian goes from strength to strength . . . .

There was a bit of a buzz around the Village gym in Hessle near Hull (where I train around half my clients) a couple of months back, because I mentioned to one of the staff that one of my clients, Adrian, hit a new HEAVY Personal Record in the deadlift. 


We’re talking big numbers here……and for a man who was a stranger to proper training 2 years ago, and hadn’t actually performed a PROPER DEADLIFT until last summer!! His efforts have more than paid off.

Click Here to see some serious weight being lifted – he makes it look easy!


Adrian has worked hard to get so strong, and is about to go on another bout of strength training.

I can tell that when Adrian is showing strength – he’s feeling good.  I know because I regularly get under the bar and test my limits. 

This morning, I joined in with the Bootcamp lads for the conditioning part of the bootcamp………we pulled a 100kg sled 750yards in a touch over 12 minutes. It started off ok, but a couple of minutes in – the quads were burning and pumped like no other feeling.  If you want to feel your quads then reverse sledding is a must if you haven’t tried it.  A new lad has said he is there next week – is this your time to come and have a go? 

Are you all talk and no walk? 

Email me at to book on.


PS  Your first go is free……you have no risk whatsoever 🙂

PPS  Adrian’s squat and leg strength is right up there.  If you missed the recent article I put up about the importance of leg training – click here to read it!  If you want to be strong standing up – train those legs!






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